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Member since: Sat Sep 24, 2011, 10:36 AM
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Ladies, it's All Your Fault!

Caveat: I don't expect this post to be taken entirely seriously. It's frankly blue-sky speculation that I would never in a million years try to back up. I like it because it is both elegant and freighted with irony, two of my favorite flavors: those who don't care for these will probably not care for it. Be advised.

It has become increasingly obvious to me over the past several months that a good number of Republican male legislators, possibly even the majority, hate their mothers. Their continuous, vicious assault on the rights of women, and their strident denials that such assault exists, are sufficient evidence to persuade me of this truth. But that being the case, I have been chewing the metaphorical cud trying to figure out why this should be the case. Could it be, I wonder, because the hyper-narcissistic psychopathic brats feel they never got enough attention from their own mothers, and so are taking it out on all mothers (potential or otherwise) as a consequence? And is it further possible, I ask, that perhaps they didn't get "enough" attention (however one may define "enough", that their mothers through choice or unavoidable economic necessity spent more time on career than they spared attention to the needs of the petulant little snots who have grown up to infest our legislatures at every level? Could this attack on women be an unintended consequence of Women's Liberation? Considering that so much of this anti-woman legislation is concerned to force the female into what some are pleased to call the "traditional" role of mother and nurturer, it should be obvious that the males responsible for such bills are striving to fill a deep, empty pit of need in their own psyches. Hey, it's a model that is consistent with the evidence.

Ladies, it's all your fault. But then, you knew that already.

-- Mal

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