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Lady Freedom Returns

Profile Information

Gender: Female
Home country: US
Current location: Tucson,AZ
Member since: Sun Aug 28, 2011, 06:20 PM
Number of posts: 12,043

About Me

A.K.A http://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=profile&uid=129687 Graduated Missouri Southern State University in 2007 with a B.A in Communications. Worked at KODE-TV for 5 years. Was VERY active with the Collage Democrats as the P.R Officer.

Journal Archives

This is where I'm at with this year. ( Language Warning)

Posted by Lady Freedom Returns | Tue Oct 6, 2020, 01:43 PM (5 replies)

Latest trigger phrase for trumpers is now...

Any phrase with the word Mask in it.

Even if you're in the middle of conversation in a post about cleaning one's mask, one pops up to yell about how a mask would not have stop him from catching it.

1) this has nothing to do with trumpy.

2) he wasn't part of this conversation.

But trumpers are jumping into all kinds of posts that mention MASKS.

I really don't know what put a bee in their bonnet about just the word. But they got one today!
Posted by Lady Freedom Returns | Sun Oct 4, 2020, 01:39 PM (13 replies)

Anyone else noticed anything strange with Velveeta Voldemort when he got in and out of the chopper?

He didn't look right, the way he stood, the way he walked, even the salute didn't look right.

He was standing straight, his suit fit correctly for a change, and the salute was perfect. He doesn't salute that good, not properly like that.

It has been bothering ever since I saw it. Did anyone else have it feel was not kosher?
Posted by Lady Freedom Returns | Sat Oct 3, 2020, 02:30 PM (49 replies)

Can't help but think of that Simpsons episode.

Could they have predicted the future once again?

It is a spooky thing to think about.
Posted by Lady Freedom Returns | Fri Oct 2, 2020, 06:06 PM (4 replies)

With all going on right now, this song is going through my mind

And I decided to share and let it stick in everyone's else's head too!

Posted by Lady Freedom Returns | Fri Oct 2, 2020, 05:49 PM (8 replies)

Holy Guacamole! Just woke up!

My new feed is going 0-60! Trump and Melania positive and Joe and Jill getting tested today.

When I went to bed, it was just Hicks and conservatives were posting that "We all know it's just another type of flu, she will be back at work in a few days". And now..... Quiet.

I haven't even had a cup of coffee yet and.... Wow!
Posted by Lady Freedom Returns | Fri Oct 2, 2020, 09:47 AM (2 replies)

Washington Post: Hope Hicks test POSITIVE for Covid!

Live updates: Trump aide Hope Hicks tests positive for coronavirus

Hope Hicks, a close adviser to President Trump who traveled with him several times this week aboard Air Force One, has tested positive for the coronavirus, a senior administration official confirmed Thursday. She traveled with the president to Pennsylvania for a rally on Saturday, to Cleveland for the first presidential debate and to Minnesota for another campaign rally.

Read story at https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2020/10/01/coronavirus-covid-live-updates-us/
Posted by Lady Freedom Returns | Thu Oct 1, 2020, 09:15 PM (7 replies)
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