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TexasTowelie's Journal
TexasTowelie's Journal
October 31, 2023

Row in Russian propaganda show - Break the Fake - TVP World

Ahead of last year’s Winter, Putin had hoped that the West would descend into cold and darkness due to a lack of energy. He was wrong, however, and now he himself must slowly prepare for his own people becoming deprived of basic necessities.
October 31, 2023

MAGA Host Calls For Shooting Catholic Charity Workers - Waldorf Nation

Rumble host and X influencer Stew Peters called for the murder of Catholic Charities workers, stating that the best option to stop undocumented immigration is “shooting everyone involved” with the nonprofit.
October 31, 2023

How did the USSR approach the issue of the Jews - Eastern Express - TVP World

Host Jonasz Rewinski gave a closer look to the violent scenes across the North Caucasus last weekend, when an angry mob stormed an airport in Dagestan in search of Israeli passengers, were reminiscent of tsarist-era persecution of Jews. Vladimir Putin vowed to “de-nazify” Ukraine when his troops invaded. Now Russia’s dictator is under pressure to respond to the worst antisemitic violence to sweep his country in more than a century. Monika Krawczyk, Director of the Jewish Historical Institute was our guest.
October 31, 2023

CNN Host Snaps, Gives Marjorie Taylor Greene What She Deserves! - Luke Beasley

CNN host Jake Tapper demolished Marjorie Taylor Greene over her resolution to censure Rashida Tlaib.
October 31, 2023

U.S., Saudi leaders discuss security threats in White House meeting - CBS News

National security adviser Jake Sullivan met with Saudi Arabia's defense minister Monday at the White House to discuss Iran, Yemen and preventing the Israel-Hamas conflict from spreading. CBS News senior White House correspondent Weijia Jiang reports on the visit and more from the Biden administration.
October 31, 2023

FBI Director Christopher Wray warns of terrorism threat at Senate hearing - CBS News

Testifying before senators on Tuesday, FBI Director Christopher Wray warned that Hamas and its allies could serve as an ISIS-like inspiration for violent extremists in the U.S.
October 31, 2023

Trump Tells Crowd He Ignores Melania When She Tells Him He Looks Stupid On Stage - Farron Balanced

During a rally in Iowa over the weekend, Donald Trump again told the crowd that his wife, Melania, doesn't think that he looks presidential when he does all the goofy things that he does on stage. But then he told the crowd that even though she may be right, he still ignores her for the hell of it. This may be the one time that Melania is actually giving solid advice, as Trump's antics on stage are what turn off everyone that isn't a member of the MAGA cult, as Farron Cousins explains.


*This transcript was auto-generated. Please excuse any typos.

At his campaign rally this past weekend in Iowa where he made gaff after gaff after gaff. Didn't even know what city he was in, but there was one part during his rambling where he admitted that his wife has repeatedly, apparently told him that he looks like a complete doofus up on stage and has begged him to stop acting like a moron. But he insists he's just gonna do it anyway. Now, a couple weeks ago, Donald Trump said the same thing to another crowd. He said, Melania doesn't like it when I get up here and I make fun of the transgender weightlifters, and I do my ugh, ugh. And he said, but I'm gonna do it anyway. And everybody, other than the maga hat wearing freaks in this country seems to agree that, yeah, that that's in poor taste. When you mocked that, uh, reporter that has disabilities that was in very poor taste, a lot of the things you do up on stage are in poor taste.

And he said at the time, Melania doesn't like when I do it. She thinks it's not presidential. Well, this past weekend, he brought it up again, and here is what he said, should I do this one or not? Because, you know, our first lady hates it when I do. She, she says, she said, darling, I love you so much, but this is not presidential when you do the weightlifting, this is not presidential. Or when you do the swimming thing, it's not, or when you dance off the stage, she said, sir, no. She said, darling, I love you. I love you, but this is not presidential. You don't dance off the stage. This is not presidential. Look, we got a year to go. Everybody loves us. I love everybody. The country's going to hell in a hand basket. Let's do a little dancing. Technically, she's probably right, but what the hell Trump said?

Now, okay,

Again, as usual, lot of unpack. But let's actually start with the part where he is like, the country's going to hell in a hand baskets, so let's dance a little bit, right?


No, actually, no, that's probably the worst time to be dancing. Like looking at all of the carnage happening around the planet, and you're like, Hey, I'm gonna do this weird thing that I call dancing that is definitely not dancing. It's, I, I, I don't even know how to describe that, but that is Trump's signature dance move. Um, so, you know, uh, again, when the whole world is falling apart, not exactly the best time to dance, and he does admit she's probably right, but what the hell, you know, this is probably literally the only time I am ever going to side with Melania Trump or admit that Melania Trump is right about something. If, of course this is what she's telling him. I seriously doubt she started the conversation by saying, I love you multiple times. Um, I'm, I'm willing to bet those are words that Donald Trump has not heard from Melania in many, many years.

But that aside, if she is telling him he does not look presidential, it would be the one correct thing that Melania has ever said. Here's, here's what Trump doesn't understand. Obviously, when he goes out there and he does the dances and he says the horrific things, and he acts out those terrible things, mocking other human beings, the MAGA hat wearing freaks in the crowd, love it. Everybody else hates it. So, to Melania's point, it's not that it doesn't look presidential, it's that it's just horrible for a person to do it, right? Forget presidential. You're just being a for the sake of being a. Do you know what doesn't attract new voters in this country? Donald, being a for the hell of it, like being a to an already marginalized community, like you're just punching down. And most people in this country do not like that.

So it's not just Melania being right. I'm pretty sure your, your campaign staffers and people like that have probably told you as well. Like, Hey, listen, we get that. The crowd likes it, but these clips are gonna go online. They're gonna people off. They're gonna turn voters off.
October 31, 2023

DC judge responds to Jack Smith's strategy to jail Trump pending trial - Brian Tyler Cohen

The Legal Breakdown episode 141: @GlennKirschner2 discusses Judge Chutkan's response to Jack Smith's strategy to jail Trump pending trial.

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