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TexasTowelie's Journal
TexasTowelie's Journal
March 31, 2022

Two Collin County Sheriff's Office jailers reinstated after Marvin Scott III's death

Two of the eight jailers who parted ways with the Collin County Sheriff’s Office following the in-custody death of Marvin Scott III have been reinstated following an appeal with the Collin County Civil Service Commission.

Their names were not released to the public, and the appeal hearing was closed to the public. According to a statement by the Sheriff’s Office, one of the officers got demoted, while the other was given a 10-day suspension period before being reinstated.

Scott, a Frisco resident, was arrested in Allen on March 14, 2021 for misdemeanor possession of marijuana. Sheriff Jim Skinner said that he “exhibited some strange behavior” while in custody at the Collin County Jail, at which point officers tied him to a restraint bed and fastened a spit mask on his face. After being unresponsive, he was transported to Baylor Scott and White Medical Center in McKinney, where he was pronounced dead.

Following Scott’s death, seven of the eight detention officers were fired, while the eighth resigned. On April 27, 2021, it was announced by Skinner that one of the fired officers successfully appealed for their reinstatement.

Read more: https://starlocalmedia.com/mckinneycouriergazette/two-collin-county-sheriffs-office-jailers-reinstated-after-marvin-scott-iiis-death/article_268de53a-b060-11ec-9e18-c7341e9e969c.html

March 31, 2022

'Everybody's Waiting for Putin to Die.' A Russian Businessman on the Hopes for His Homeland

Evgeny Chichvarkin is looking agitated. He’s just heard a whisper about some potential stock going cheap and so politely declines my suggestion we leave his bustling wineshop in London’s tony Mayfair district in search of somewhere quieter to chat.

But Chichvarkin isn’t dashing off in pursuit of another 1774 Jura vin jaune, which sells for a precise £72,553.80 ($95,308) at Hedonism Wines, the store he set up in 2012 to be “the world’s best wineshop.” Instead, he is preparing to inspect a consignment of military fatigues and battle wear at a warehouse in the nearby town of Slough—worth some $650,000, he tells me conspiratorially. “It belongs to a rich Russian who had his assets frozen and needs to sell. If it works out, I’ll send it straight to the Ukrainian army.”

Chichvarkin isn’t your typical wine merchant. In fact, with his Salvador Dalí mustache, billowing pantaloons, gold tooth earring, and pink leather winkle pickers, the very idea of typical seems anathema to the 47-year-old entrepreneur, who has lived in London since fleeing his native Russia face down in the back of a car in 2008.

Chichvarkin was born in St. Petersburg, back when it was still Leningrad. He rose to become one of his nation’s youngest billionaires, by founding cellphone retailer Evroset in 1997, which swelled to 5,000 stores by 2007. But he fell afoul of local officials who accused Chichvarkin of kidnapping and extortion—charges he has always called bogus. Chichvarkin and his business partner sold Evroset for a reported cut price $400 million, and after successfully fighting extradition proceedings, he now lives in exile. In London, he has enjoyed a coda as businessman, restaurateur, and thorn in the side of Russian President Vladimir Putin, supporting democratic causes in Russia and its periphery by funding opposition parties and issuing scathing critiques.

Read more: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/everybody-s-waiting-for-putin-to-die-a-russian-businessman-on-the-hopes-for-his-homeland/ar-AAVGCVv

March 31, 2022

CDC poised to lift emergency order keeping asylum seekers across the border; Cruz and Cornyn object

WASHINGTON — The practice of expelling migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border in the name of COVID-19 protection could end in late May.

The Biden administration has drafted a plan to end pandemic-related border restrictions known as Title 42 by May 23, according to multiple news outlets.

Those restrictions have been used more than 1.7 million times for expulsions since the public health order was enacted on March 20, 2020, at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

First implemented by the Trump administration, the policy has continued under President Joe Biden, with the most recent extension set to expire by the end of this week.

Read more: https://www.dallasnews.com/news/politics/2022/03/30/cdc-poised-to-lift-emergency-order-keeping-asylum-seekers-across-the-border-cruz-and-cornyn-object/

March 31, 2022

Court upholds conviction, sentence of Amber Guyger, ex-Dallas officer who murdered Botham Jean

Texas’ highest criminal court upheld the murder conviction and 10-year prison sentence of Amber Guyger, the former Dallas police officer who fatally shot Botham Jean in his apartment in 2018 after she said she mistook him for an intruder.

The Court of Criminal Appeals refused Wednesday to hear Guyger’s petition to review a lower court’s decision to uphold her 2019 conviction and sentence. Two justices — Judge Kevin Yeary and Judge Michelle Slaughter — filed a dissent.

During her appeal, Guyger argued that her mistaken belief that she was in her own apartment negated her culpability for murder.

Jean was sitting at home and eating ice cream in his Lamar Street apartment on Sept. 6, 2018, when Guyger, who lived on the floor above him, walked into his apartment, thinking it was her own. Guyger, who was off duty but in uniform, said she believed Jean was an intruder and shot him.

Read more: https://www.dallasnews.com/news/courts/2022/03/30/court-upholds-conviction-sentence-of-amber-guyger-ex-dallas-officer-who-murdered-botham-jean/

March 31, 2022

Trevor Reed's Family Meets With President Biden

Source: NBC-DFW

The parents of a Marine veteran imprisoned in Russia met with President Joe Biden and senior staffers at the White House on Wednesday.

Trevor Reed has been jailed in Russia since his arrest in 2019 on charges that he assaulted police officers in Moscow who were driving him to a police station after picking him up following a night of heavy drinking at a party. He was convicted in 2020 and sentenced to nine years in prison.

Joey and Paula Reed of Granbury, traveled to Washington this week to seek an in-person meeting with Biden after a phone conversation earlier this month when the president visited Texas. After the Reeds had stood along the route of Biden's motorcade in Texas in hopes it would stop — it did not — the White House said it would work to schedule a meeting.

The Reeds, who have publicly voiced concern about their son’s health in jail and have also expressed support for the idea of a prisoner swap, stood near the White House on Wednesday with a sign that read: “Free Trevor Reed. Prisoner of Russia Since 2019.”

Read more: https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/trevor-reeds-family-planning-demonstration-in-front-of-white-house/2927678/

Brittney Griner is not the only American being held in Russian jail.

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