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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: South Texas. most of my life I lived in Austin and Dallas
Home country: United States
Current location: Bryan, Texas
Member since: Sun Aug 14, 2011, 03:57 AM
Number of posts: 78,328

About Me

Middle-aged white guy who believes in justice and equality for all. Math and computer analyst with additional 21st century jack-of-all-trades skills. I'm a stud, not a dud!

Journal Archives

Yes, There's Still A Pandemic: 34 People Who Pack East Lansing Bar Get Covid

For those who think the pandemic is no longer an issue, think again.

Ingham County's Health Department says at least 34 young people who visited Harper's Restaurant and Brew Pub on Albert Street in East Lansing between June 12-20 have tested positive for coronavirus.

The popular spot is near Michigan State University. Health officials advise customers who visited the bar during that period to get tested.

"Given the number of cases in this outbreak, we consider this a higher risk exposure than a typical visit to a restaurant or bar," county health officer Linda S. Vail says in a Wednesday statement.

"There are likely more people infected with COVID-19 not yet identified. We need help from people who went to Harper’s during the exposure dates so that we can contain the outbreak. We need everyone exposed to stay home."

Read more: https://www.deadlinedetroit.com/articles/25595/yes_there_s_still_a_pandemic_34_people_who_pack_east_lansing_bar_get_covid

Legal Street Parties: Michigan Lawmakers OK Drinking Zones

Why should taking bar drinks outside be confined to patios, resort hotels and the Bourbon Street area of New Orleans?

In that spirit, and at a time when outdoor activities are safer than crowding into a bar (talkin' about you, Harper's), Michigan senators and representatives Wednesday gave final clearance for cities to allow "social districts." The move amends the state Liquor Control Code of 1998 to permit open alcohol containers in marked areas.

After the governor signs on and local officials define partying zones, cocktails, beer and wine from adjacent bars can be enjoyed while making new friends outside or toasting old ones in Greektown, Corktown and the Cass Corridor, for example. "Commons areas" can have seating and other amenities.

Rep. Michael Webber, a Republican from Rochester Hills, introduced the proposal May 19 with bipartisan support to help Michigan bars, restaurants and drinkers through a Covid-19 dry spell.

Read more: https://www.deadlinedetroit.com/articles/25601/legal_street_parties_michigan_lawmakers_ok_drinking_zones

How An Ecorse Man Embezzled $1 Million From His Employer Over 8 Years

Phillip E. Garza, 52, was an ocean export specialist for a logistics company in Taylor that arranges freight shipments in North America and abroad.

Over eight years, he figured out how to embezzle more than $1 million from his employer, Hankyu Hanshin Express, federal authorities say. On Wednesday, he pleaded guilty.

Garza will be sentenced on Sept. 29. Under the plea agreement, he faces a guideline range of 41-51 months in prison. He must also pay restitution.

Garza arranged shipments through third-party shippers. In 2006, he filed an assumed name certificate for El Centro Express and opened a bank account and rented a post office box under the name “Phillip E. Garza, dba El Centro Express.” El Centro Express conducted no business and was a shell company, the U.S. Attorney's Office says.

Read more: https://www.deadlinedetroit.com/articles/25600/how_an_ecorse_man_allegedly_embezzled_1_million_from_his_employer_over_8_years

Michigan judge orders temporary Enbridge Line 5 shutdown

Enbridge Energy must temporarily cease operations of the Line 5 pipeline beneath the Straits of Mackinac, an Ingham County judge ruled Thursday.

Circuit Court Judge James Jamo has granted Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel’s request to temporarily shut down the pipeline after Enbridge Energy last week reported “significant damage” to an anchor support on one of the pipeline’s two legs.

In a decision issued Thursday, Jamo ordered Canadian oil company Enbridge to cease operations “as immediately as possible,” and no more than 24 hours from the order’s issuance.

Nessel campaigned for office in 2018 on a promise to shut down Line 5. She is pursuing separate lawsuits intended to permanently shutter the pipeline and asked for the temporary restraining order and injunction Monday.

Read more: https://www.bridgemi.com/michigan-environment-watch/michigan-judge-orders-temporary-enbridge-line-5-shutdown

Last-minute ruling keeps Michigan gyms closed, hours before they could reopen

Most Michigan gyms will remain closed Thursday, after a panel of three federal judges sided with Gov. Gretchen Whitmer just hours before they were to reopen.

The order reverses an order by U.S. District Court Judge Paul Maloney on Monday, who had allowed fitness centers to remain open and refused to pause his decision while Whitmer appealed. Gyms were set to open Thursday under the ruling.

The eight-page decision — written by Judges Julia Gibbons, Deborah Cook and Chad Readler of the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, all of whom were appointed by Republican presidents — offered sweeping support for governors exercising executive power under the coronavirus pandemic.

State and local executives have “had difficult decisions to make in honoring public health concerns while respecting individual liberties,” the judges wrote.

Read more: https://www.bridgemi.com/michigan-government/last-minute-ruling-keeps-michigan-gyms-closed-hours-they-could-reopen

Hamilton County Democratic Party Chair Issues Response to Auditor Dusty Rhodes' 'Racist and Sexist'

Hamilton County Democratic Party Chair Issues Response to Auditor Dusty Rhodes' 'Racist and Sexist' Tweet

On Juneteenth, Hamilton County Auditor Dusty Rhodes tweeted:


One can infer this tweet was both in reference to the new Black Lives Matter street mural that was dedicated that day in front of Cincinnati City Hall, as well as the Planned Parenthood health center in Mt. Auburn — which provides everything from women's health care to STD testing, birth control, pregnancy planning services, adoption and abortion referrals (they don't actually do abortions in the health center), men's health care, LGBTQ services and assorted other general health care.

Rhodes — an endorsed Democrat — isn't really known for holding back on his twitter or being completely PC, so nothing he says or tweets is super shocking.

Except this, which drew enough ire from people and ran against enough Democratic policies — particularly those that support women, BIPOC and humans who care about reproductive rights, the Black Lives Matter movement and working to end systemic racism — that it warranted a reply from Hamilton County Democratic Party Chair Gwen McFarlin, who issued this statement:

In a tweet on Friday, Dusty Rhodes, Hamilton County Auditor and an endorsed Democrat, posted a racist and sexist tweet. I condemn this comment which I would not expect from an elected official let alone a Democratically endorsed elected official. His offensive comments are aimed at black, brown and other marginalized groups as well as women. The Democratic Party supports the Black Lives Matter movement and women's reproductive rights.

As the Chair of the Hamilton County Democratic Party, I will not condone his behavior any longer. A number of Democrats have raised concerns about Dusty Rhodes' comments. I will bring options to the Hamilton County Democratic Party officers including a resolution launching a formal censure process and a resolution declaring that we will not support his reelection and plan to endorse a Democrat for Auditor who shares our values.

Read more: https://www.citybeat.com/news/blog/21138114/hamilton-county-democratic-party-chair-issues-response-to-auditor-dusty-rhodes-racist-and-sexist-tweet

Ohio to drop front license plate requirement on July 1

COLUMBUS, Ohio — A recent law change eliminating the requirement that Ohio drivers display front and back license plate will take effect next week.

Starting July 1, Ohio will join its neighboring states in only requiring a rear plate for most vehicles. The change, requested by car dealers and auto enthusiasts, was part of the state transportation budget signed by Gov. Mike DeWine in April 2019.

Under the new law, drivers can still request a second license plate for an extra $7.50 But a single plate will still cost $6.50, the current price for two plates.

Commercial tractors will only be required to have one plate, but it must be displayed on the front, said Lindsey Bohrer, a spokeswoman for the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Read more: https://www.cleveland.com/open/2020/06/ohio-to-drop-front-license-plate-requirement-on-july-1.html

Love Unlimited Orchestra -- Love's Theme

Social unrest will continue unless society addresses systemic inequities, disparities and racism,

Social unrest will continue unless society addresses systemic inequities, disparities and racism, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson warns

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Mayor Frank Jackson warned Thursday that the social unrest in Cleveland and across the country will continue unless society addresses the equities, disparities and racism institutionalized in our society.

Jackson, during a 90-minute tele-town hall address, said the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and the deaths of African Americans at the hands of police laid bare the systems that perpetuate inequities.

And while the mayor didn’t suggest specific solutions, he said the community needs to rise up against the structures that perpetuate inequity and disparity.

“It’s not just a function of government or someone else’s responsibility,” Jackson said.

Read more: https://www.cleveland.com/cityhall/2020/06/social-unrest-will-continue-unless-society-addresses-systemic-inequities-disparities-and-racism-cleveland-mayor-frank-jackson-warns.html

Mike Pence says Donald Trump kept jobs promise in Lordstown plant that used to employ thousands

LORDSTOWN, Ohio – Republican Vice President Mike Pence, appearing Thursday at the unveiling of the Lordstown Motors all-electric truck, said Republican President Donald Trump had kept all of his promises to Ohioans.

The vice president’s remarks – delivered in a factory that employed thousands of workers just more than a year ago – are a somewhat stunning boast given Trump’s 2017 promise to a Youngstown crowd that jobs would be returning to the area in droves. By last year, General Motors had closed its Lordstown facility, leaving thousands out of work.

Yet Pence’s overarching message was just that during the 30-minute address. The vice president said Trump had delivered on combating the coronavirus, renegotiating trade deals and building the economy.

“Every single promise, President Trump delivered for the people of Ohio,” Pence said.

Read more: https://www.cleveland.com/open/2020/06/mike-pence-says-donald-trump-kept-jobs-promise-in-lordstown-plant-that-used-to-employ-thousands.html

Pence is hard-selling the snake oil.
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