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Profile Information

Name: Harvey the Rabbit
Gender: Male
Hometown: New England
Home country: USA
Current location: Hollywood
Member since: Wed Aug 3, 2011, 01:52 PM
Number of posts: 11,154

About Me

Nixon was a fucking crook. As a teenager I marched on the UN in 1982 with a million other people demanding we get rid of the threat of nuclear weapons hanging over our heads. Since then I've worked to get Democrats elected like John Aristotle Phillips, known as the A-Bomb Kid when he ran for Congress against Stuart McKinney in CT in the 80's (we lost twice) through the Obama campaign in 2008 and 2012. I want to legalize cannabis, reform our prison for profit system, cut our military budget, get out of Afghanistan and push solar energy panels into every building in the USA.

Journal Archives

Marry me Sarah Silverman!


Apparently MSNBC can't find a single Hillary delegate on the floor of the DNC to talk to.

Not that they are trying.

MSNBC is interviewing "Bernie" protestors out marching in the streets

I use the quotes because I don't who these fucking idiots are
They might be paid shills making trouble
They might be real
I don't know
But they are STUPID as all get out
Talk of voting for Trump because Bernie lost.
Talk of how Hillary has already ruined the country worse than Trump ever will (apparently she's secretly been President these last 8 years)
Talk of how Trump as President will teach us our lesson for not voting their way.

I have only one thing to say to these people who think putting a racist in charge of our country and are willing to sacrifice the rights of Latinos, Muslims, women to the extreme right wing of our country by giving them full control of the country they left in ruins 8 years ago and the Supreme Court for the next 40 years:
Don't ruin the country for everyone because you didn't get your way this time.
It would be fitting if only you would have to suffer under a Trump Presidency but it will affect all of us.
Don't be a dick. don't be stupid.
Don't support indirectly or directly the guy the KKK wants to win.
As of now you're either with us or against us.
Bernie is with us. You supported him and you should be too.
But if you're not with Bernie and the rest of us, and want to burn it all down just because, then you can go fuck yourself.
Because you're just stupid.
And we can't fix stupid.

Chris Matthews should never sit next to real comedians. Funny people bring out the worst in him.

he thinks he's funny so he tries to compete with them but them are two guys from SNL
Matthews looked more like Drunk Uncle than any kind of newsman or TV personality.
Wow that was painful.

Donald Trump shows up at RNC AGAIN to steal Cruz's limelight #camerahog.

Trump cannot stay away.
The guy keeps showing up at the RNC but this time also to elephant stomp Cruz's speech and spotlight.
Cruz withholds endorsement
they hate each other.

How many acceptance speeches is Trump going to give this week?

He reeks of desperation.
No clue how to be Presidential or President.

OMG Donald's EGO needs to fed so badly he showed up on Day 1 of the RNC to speak.

Holy shit this guy has no idea how to be Presidential in any way shape or form.
Desperate Donny Trump.

Fortunately Orson Welles TOUCH OF EVIL is on TCM right now for some relief.

If you blame Hillary Clinton for Benghazi but you don't blame George Bush for 9/11 then

I get to call bullshit on your bullshit.

You then have to explain to me why there were more Congressional investigations into Benghazi over 4 deaths than 9/11 for almost 3,000.

Then you can go fuck yourself.

Andrea Mitchell can go fuck herself.

That's it.

Is it me or does Trump/Pence sound like a unit of "olde" English money?

As in "You've worked a twelve hour day in the factory Oliver Twist, here's your Trumppence. Now begone you little ragamuffin."
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