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Profile Information

Name: Harvey the Rabbit
Gender: Male
Hometown: New England
Home country: USA
Current location: Hollywood
Member since: Wed Aug 3, 2011, 01:52 PM
Number of posts: 10,716

About Me

Nixon was a fucking crook. As a teenager I marched on the UN in 1982 with a million other people demanding we get rid of the threat of nuclear weapons hanging over our heads. Since then I've worked to get Democrats elected like John Aristotle Phillips, known as the A-Bomb Kid when he ran for Congress against Stuart McKinney in CT in the 80's (we lost twice) through the Obama campaign in 2008 and 2012. I want to legalize cannabis, reform our prison for profit system, cut our military budget, get out of Afghanistan and push solar energy panels into every building in the USA.

Journal Archives

TWIP - This Week In Politics:

CRUZ: Trumpís a liar. So is Rubio. God loves me. Just me.
RUBIO: Ted Cruz is a liar and Iím not a robot.(Repeat) 01100010
TRUMP: Everyoneís lying but me and Ted Cruz is Canadian.
KASICH: I like soup.
CANADA: No backsies on the Cruz thing.
SANDERS: Socialism is the new black. Iím catching up.
HILLARY: Dammit, heís catching up.
SCALIA: Scalia out.
OBAMA: Haters gonna hate but Iím gonna nominate.
MCCONNELL: This is why I wanted to prevent that 2nd term.
BEN CARSON: That Supreme Court job would be sweet.
BILL CLINTON: Would I have to wear anything under my robe?
JEB! BUSH: Sigh. My brother is George W. Bush.
GEORGE W. BUSH: Iím back bitches! You miss me yet?

I've been waiting 36 years for a backlash from the American people...

I've been waiting 36 years for a backlash from the American people to the destructive policies that Ronald Reagan and his conservative, ie: corporate coalition forced upon us but the citizens remained silent while I shouted.
Reagan and the GOP decimated a tax base drawn from the wealthy that paid for a space program, basic infrastructure, and the building of a Great Society.
They outsourced every damn manufacturing job they could to China so we have to compete with slave labor wages and surrender the middle class.
They have set the poor against each other with race baiting and divisive rhetoric.
They convinced us that unions were a bad thing, the way Robber Barons did in the Gilded Age.
They used people of faith in this country as political dupes by promising "moral laws" they never delivered and labeled any political opposition as an evil force in the world.
They let people die every day when lives could be saved with regulation or the simple humanity behind universal access to basic healthcare.
They've told us we can't do great things anymore and we shouldn't even try.
When Republicans like Donald Trump say America isn't great anymore they are right, but not in the way they mean because they caused the decline for which they shed crocodile tears.
For 36 years the American people have gone along with all of it like sheep to the slaughter repeating "tax cuts" like a zombie on the Walking Dead, all while I've been hitting my head over and over and over again.
They ruined our country and told us to thank them for it and be grateful for the crumbs they left us.
Republicans like to call back to a great time in this country, usually the 1950's, but forget the tax rates on the rich were around 90% when they reached the 1% level of wealth.
And we went to the moon because of it.
Democrats were never much help because after getting spanked electorally along the way somewhere winning became more important than policies. So even if we were electing Blue Dogs to Congress and moderates like Bill Clinton to the White House it was okay by them because we were WINNING.
We were winning by acting like conservatives.
We were winning everything except the fight to fix what was broken by Reagan and the rest because the "moderates" sold out the progressives, so we continued to lose jobs, wealth, and the middle class.
It's not all Reagan's fault either.
MY generation screwed up a lot of shit the last 36 years.
We knew it was our job to save the ecology of the planet back in the 70s but as a generation of Alex P. Keatons we let our corporate careers take precedence, only to lose those white collar careers to downsizing and outsourcing like the manufacturing sector.
We knew it was our job to create equality for all sexes, races and people in the LBGTQ community but we went along with DOMA and 'don't ask, don't tell" instead.
We knew it was our job to save the manufacturing jobs but traded that for cheaper iPhones and plastic crap from Wal-Mart. Steve Jobs is the Henry Ford of China, not an American hero.
We knew it was our job to take care of our veterans, from Vietnam to the Gulf Wars, but we let our politicians fail them over and over again.
We didn't do any of what we knew needed to be done because it was easier to not do it.
We didn't act but our children have started to do what we failed to.
The amazing thing is we didn't change as a people and the fabric of our greatness remains, waiting to be raised like a flag and flown proudly once more.
We can fly that flag again and live up to the potential our generation once had by doing the things we failed to act on in the past.
Every revolution we have changes this country for the better.
A revolution founded the country.
A revolution freed the slaves.
A revolution got women the right to vote.
A revolution re-founded this country with The New Deal.
I've been waiting 36 years for a backlash from the American people to essentially say they were sick and tired and they weren't going to take it anymore, as Paddy Chayefsky once wrote.
I think I saw that backlash truly begin in Iowa tonight with Bernie Sanders leading it.
I'm ready to fight again and I feel like a lot of citizens are finally on my side and ready to fight too.
Won't you join us?
Together, this time, I know our side will win.
By the way, the revolution will be televised, as promised.
We are going to make this country great again, but sorry Donald, it's going to be great for everyone, not just a lucky or chosen few.

I'm not going to say Ted Cruz is the personification of evil on Earth but

he is a kitty cat away from being a Bond villain.

Ted Cruz won Iowa so now we only need 3 more Horsemen to join him.

Then they'll be ready.

"It's almost obscene how much you're enjoying this." (Trump/Fox News war) said on MSNBC

just moments ago to Chris Hayes and I thought to myself: "Yeah, I am."
It is a conflict but I love seeing Faux eat shit here.

Rinsed Preebussed is such a little weasel.

just watched John Heilemann and Mark Halperin beat the crap out the little twerp because he doesn't have the guts to say a single bad word about Fox News.
He was so scared I'm surprised he didn't get up and bolt out of the studio.

Just saw a clip on TV where Bernie totally owned Al Hunt in a press roundtable.

Al is such an asshole and Bernie cut him off at the knees.
It was great.
Gotta find the clip online now so I can share it.....

Who does Michael Bloomberg think he can take votes away from?

The right or the left?

I know why Trump wanted Palin to tour with him.

Next to her talky verbal word salads his speeches are examples of soaring oratory to that crowd.

Cannabis: The most important "side dish" for holidays with the family.

At least when it comes to my family.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
Now where's that pumpkin pie?
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