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Gender: Female
Hometown: Texas
Member since: Mon Aug 1, 2011, 07:53 AM
Number of posts: 7,823

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Truth Matters!

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Trump becomes more and more irrelevant with each passing day

Let's make that also true on this site. I don't care to know about his ugly tweets. They are irrelevant. I don't care about who he's fired. It's irrelevant. I'm not interested in his temper tantrums. They are irrelevant. I don't care about his golf game or how many cheeseburgers he had for lunch. All that is irrelevant.

Folks, it's time to move on. I want to know what you thought of Biden's and Harris' speeches Sat night. Who you'd like to see chosen for which cabinet post. But nothing about Trump, please. Trump is irrelevant. He will soon be swept into the dust bin of history with the rest of the trash.

Stacey Abrams for DNC chair

She deserves it!

Want gto know why so many people voted for Trump?

Google how many high school students in your town and state graduated. In Dallas 2018, 76.5% graduated. Statewide 22% of students dropped out last year. That is disgusting.

Why don't we have a leftist talk radio network?

Why don't we have radio talk shows broadcasting to all those truckers, housewives, farmers and ranchers across America.

Time to contemplate the perfections of a Boddhisattva

For those of you, who are unfamiliar, a Boddhisattva is a highly realized person, who altruistically works for the benefit and liberation from suffering of others. Many of us are shaking our heads in disbelief at the election results. Maybe even depressed and discouraged. One of the perfections of a Boddhisattva is to joyously and enthusiastically persevere. A Boddhisattva doesn't care about obstacles and set-backs. They are all temporary and ultimately impermanent. A Boddhisattva just endures and enthusiastically perseveres, engaged in enlightened activity for the benefit of others. There will be a next election.

Post some election day songs here!

This train is bound for glory

Can Barrett be impeached, assuming Dems take the senate?

I'm not asking if we should do it, or if we have the will to do it. It seems like grounds for impeaching Kavanaugh are that he lied to congress during his hearing. I'm not certain what would be the grounds for removing Barrett. Your thoughts please.

I voted this morning! Yeah yeah and yeah!

Yeah I voted this morning in Dallas. My vote is banked! I got there about 6:45am at the Martin Luther King Rec Center. The only snafu was that I was sent an absentee ballot that I didn't ask for. I had asked for one for the primary, but decided to vote in person for the general, because of all the post office untrustworthiness. I was the poll workers first problem. Did I bring my mail in ballot? No. I threw it away. Many consultations among themselves about what to do? What to do? So they had to call into the registrar to cancel my mail in ballot. They were put on hold for 1 hour. I had to sit there (fortunately they gave me a chair) for an hour. Needless to say, I became annoyed with the wait. Take some deep breaths. Practice patience. See the poll worker as trying to do her best to do a good job and faithfully follow the rules. All in all, all the poll workers did a bang up great job. Facility was clean. Hand sanitizer out on the tables. Everyone wearing a mask. Poll workers all wore surgical gloves. Always someone wiping surfaces somewhere. Everyone very courteous. The ballot went on for pages and pages. Lots and lots of judgeships on the ballot. We had touch screen voting machines into which I inserted a paper ballot that got printed and recorded in another machine. So there is a hard copy paper trail. Looking forward to hearing about your voting experience.

Assuming the worst and Barrett gets on the Court and destroys

a woman's right to an abortion and kills the ACA, can we, If we take the WH and Senate legislate that abortions are legal and reinstate the ACA? Your thoughts please

I muted GOP senators during the confirmation

I just can't listen to their bullpuckie lies any more. Thank god, some of those bums will surely be voted out. Klobuchar was quite wonderful today.
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