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The Global Economy Suffers From Hypothermia

We've used the analogy before, in particular to describe what happened to the Roman Empire during the latter days of its existence. Looking around various economies in the world today, the same analogy once again comes to mind. One might say that what we see these days is analogous to the more advanced stages of hypothermia.

Early hypothermia may show in nothing more than cold feet, in itself an amusing analogy perhaps. But a body that is exposed to extreme cold over longer periods of time will at some point start to exhibit symptoms such as frostbite, which are the result of the core of the body trying to save itself at the cost of the periphery, the extremities. Typically, a human body, for instance, will lose its toes first because the heart can no longer pump enough blood (heat) to them and at the same time keep the body's core above a minimum temperature.

In our economies we see the same pattern. It is not generally looked at or even recognized, however, since 99% of us live in denial of the possibility that such a thing would even be an option. This is a direct consequence of the fact that, first, all major news makers and decision makers reside in the core, and second, that saving that core while letting the extremities die off is somehow seen as a good thing. Post-crisis policies around the globe are directed at saving the financial system, not the people the crisis has pushed into poverty. Since these people are not seen as crucial to the survival of the core, and the system as a whole, they are - almost ritually - sacrificed on the system's economic altar.


Meet the Evangelical Cabal Orchestrating the Shutdown

At Ebenezer’s Coffeehouse, a small shop next to Union Station and around the corner from the Heritage Foundation, “fair trade” coffee is dispensed and Christian books are available for customers to read.

A group of political operatives and evangelical firebrands behind the strategy to shut down the government over healthcare reform couldn’t have picked a more unassuming meeting place. Though the more famous “Wednesday meeting” is across town at the offices of Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform, the shutdown plotters often meet at a weekly lunch held on Wednesday at the event space of Ebenezer’s. (The group also meets regularly on Wednesday mornings at the offices of the Family Research Council.)

This other Wednesday group is a convening of the Conservative Action Project, an ad hoc coalition created in the early years of the Obama administration to reorganize the conservative movement.

The coalition is managed by Heritage and the Council for National Policy. The latter organization, dubbed once as “the most powerful conservative group you’ve never heard of,” is a thirty-year-old nonprofit dedicated to transforming the country into a more right-wing Christian society. Founded by Tim LaHaye, the Rapture-obsessed author of the “Left Behind” series, CNP is now run by Christian-right luminaries such as Phyllis Schlafly, Tony Perkins and Kenneth Blackwell.


Things are changin ...

What a week of groceries looks like around the world ....

The Revis family from the United States spends around $342 per week on groceries for their family of four. A lot of dishes that are typically considered American have actually been developed from other cuisines. For example, hot dogs and hamburgers are both based on traditional German dishes, and pizza is based on the traditional Italian dish!

Americans are widely known to love fast food, and judging by this family's groceries, that is highly evident - We can spot McDonald's, pizza, fried chicken, a hot dog, nachos, and some Burger King among the other food! Some American families like to make breakfast a large meal, often consisting of cereal, eggs, toast, pancakes, coffee, and fruit juice.


I looked at the size of the family that is being fed by the cost per week ... Mali is feeding 15 people, 8 adults and 7 children with the total cost of the equivalent of $30 dollars per week or $4.28 daily or $.29 per person daily ...

and Japan who has the most expensive food budget is feeding 4 people with the total being $361 per week, or $51.57 daily or $12.89 per person daily ...

I heard the CEO of Coca-Cola tonight say on Piers Morgan that

they were providing last year a thousand jobs to veterans, then he changed it to 960 ....

There are 1,500,000 active duty soldiers in our military and 776,000 veterans in Georgia, the HQ of Coca Cola alone ....

THANK YOU COCA COLA for your service to our country .....

And they certainly are buttering up the Clintons as much as they can ....

Because of course they think the 99ers still believe in miracles ....

Obama hesitation on Syria could prompt Israeli attack on Iran

ELEANOR HALL: Now to that stark warning from an Israeli intelligence expert that the Obama administration's hesitation in striking Syria may provoke Israel into taking unilateral action against Iran.

President Obama says that despite having solid evidence of a sarin gas attack in Syria he will delay ordering a retaliatory strike until after a congressional vote next week.

The Assad regime is calling this an historic "retreat" by the US, and opposition groups in Syria are raising concerns about the Syrian regime intensifying its attacks on civilians.

Both Iran and Lebanon's Baath Party are stepping up the rhetoric about a US strike provoking a regional war. But Mr Obama's reticence is also having a perhaps unintended inflammatory impact inside Israel.




He is a lunatic opthomologist gone wild ....

All of these debit cards are just another corporate ripoff

for the 99% .... these banks have gotten there fangs into federal, state, and local governments and now other corporate entities which the 99% rely upon for there very existence ....

McDonald's: Stop paying employees with debit cards loaded with fees (Petition)

I was looking forward to my new job when I started working at a McDonald’s location in Pennsylvania in April, but I was disappointed to find out that in order to be paid, I would have to activate a JP Morgan Chase debit card with heavy fees attached.

I’m a young single mom. When I started my job at McDonald’s, I knew that I would only be making slightly more than minimum wage. I didn’t expect that the only way I would be paid would be on a debit card that would dock pay that I earned through lots of different fees. When I asked if McDonald’s could pay me through direct deposit to my local credit union, which doesn’t charge withdrawal fees, I was told that the debit card was the only option.

These cards come with a lot of fees: from fees for cash withdrawals to balance inquiries to lost or stolen cards to overdrafts and even inactivity fees. The federal government has helped reduce fees on credit and debit cards that most consumers use, but those protections don’t apply to the kinds of cards companies like McDonald's are using to pay employees. In the end, I feared that once all of the fees from getting my own hard-earned wages through this card were taken out, my pay would go below minimum wage.


You must have studied his works well because you quote him often without clarity to

his position in British society, Wofgang was a professor and wrote essays on law and social change....BFD

You sound like a blathering baboon with nothing other than Pollyanna type ideals encased in libertarian ideals...

Now, go out and feed someone this week and give them a job big boy ....

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