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Makes perfect sense ....


Bad Behavior Gets "Paid Forward" Even More Than Good

The psychology of chains of greed
By Michael Norton

Every few weeks, another heart-warming tale of regular folks deciding to “pay it forward” makes the news. People have tracked the longest pay-it-forward chains at tollbooths at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco – where one person pays the toll for next person in line, that person pays for the next person, and so on. And just last month Starbucks encouraged their customers to treat their fellow customers to a coffee: “Pay it forward, and Starbucks will pay you back," stated CEO Howard Schultz. There’s good reason to think that these warm-fuzzy chains might be common; after all, giving to others leads to happiness.

But as anyone who’s ever waited in line – whether for coffee or to pay a toll – knows, other people don’t always treat us with generosity. Sometimes, they treat us with greed – cutting us off as we maneuver into the toll lane or cutting in front of us to order their caramel macchiato. What happens when we are the victims of cruelty instead of kindness? Unfortunately, our research shows that we are more likely to pay greed forward than generosity.

Imagine being in the following situation. I tell you that I gave someone $6 and told them they could give as much or as little of it to you as they wanted (and keep the rest for themselves). I hand you an envelope that contains the amount they gave you. You eagerly open the envelope, shaking it to reveal your bounty, only to find that this previous person left you nothing. Zero point zero zero dollars. Take a moment to think how you’d feel – and what words come to mind to describe the guy who stiffed you.

Now imagine I then gave you another $6, and asked you give as much as you wanted to a new person and keep the rest. It’s like being cut in line: having been cut, would you turn the other cheek or make sure to cut somebody else? Would you pay the greed forward?


Yea well ...... Kutcher has sooooooooooooo much money, he don't care about anybody cept himself ....

Upgraded my flash and lost full screen open on dual monitors ... ???

Used to be able to keep full screen open on both monitors but now have to stay on one screen with mouse to keep full screen open ...???

Wondering if there is a fix ... ???

Kauai County Council Override Frees Way For GMO Bill

After a cunning political maneuver, the Kauai County Council has overridden Kauai Mayor Bernard Carvalho’s veto of Bill 2491, freeing the way for the GMO-related bill.

Bill 2491, which passed a County Council vote on Oct. 16, will force agricultural companies to disclose when and where they spray pesticides, restrict spraying to a certain distance away from public areas, and disclose what genetically engineered crops they grow on Kauai.

Mayor Carvalho vetoed the bill two weeks after its passage, citing concerns over its legal standing. In a press release he said, “I have always said I agree with the intent of this bill to provide for pesticide use disclosure, create meaningful buffer zones and conduct a study on the health and environmental issues relating to pesticide use on Kauai. However, I believe strongly that this bill is legally flawed. That being the case, I had no choice but to veto.”

Supporters of the bill and many members of the County Council were outraged. When Carvalho appeared before the public, jeers and calls for his resignation emanated from the crowd.


My family has been living with this terrible disease for a very long time ...

so looking it up has been our top priority ...

and your medical/healthcare community has not been exactly helpful in determining exactly what was happening to us for many years ...

it took until the 1940's to even give it a proper name and then it wasn't until the 60's that they knew it could be hereditary ...

Your misinformation/misunderstanding about the disease is not helpful ...

The standard today for diagnosis is a blood test, not an endoscopy ...

and changing your diet ASAP is recommended if you even have a hint of having celiac disease ...

and it takes months if not years in my daughters case to heal, if you can heal that is ...

some patients never do heal ...

The Holstee Manifesto

<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/41483660@N04/10750701553/" title="holsteemanifesto, on Flickr"><img src=""

First sign that humanity is slowing its carbon surge

2012 may go down in history as a remarkable year. For the first time, the maddening pace of humanity's greenhouse gas emissions showed signs of a global slowdown.

Importantly – and unlike the drop in emissions triggered by the 2008 recession – the let-off is happening at the same time as global wealth continues to swell.

"The small increase in emissions [of 2012]... may be the first sign of a more permanent slowdown in the increase of global CO2 emissions, and ultimately of declining global emissions," declares the Trends in Global CO2 Emissions: 2013 Report, published by the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency and the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC) last week. It analyses the latest emissions data, right up to 2012.

The news should provide fresh momentum for UN negotiations on a new climate treaty, which resume in Poland on Monday.


Incredible new footage of the moment special forces boarded the Arctic Sunrise


Super-soldiers are About to Arrive Soon

T.A.L.O.S. embodies at some level the idea of the perfect soldier: stronger, faster, and invulnerable to bullets. It stands for Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit and probably no one will be surprised that this is an experimental concept for the US army.


So, what are the features that make this suit so special? At first, it will have biometrics panel to monitor soldier’s vital indications such as pulse, skin and core temperature and hydration level. However, the main purpose of the suit is to protect the soldier from bullets. It will use so called “liquid armor” developed by MIT. You might ask “How does a liquid protect from bullets?” The special thing about this armor is that the liquid turns into solid material in just a few milliseconds. The only condition is to apply electric current or magnetic field to the liquid.



Star wars has arrived ....
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