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He pointed to the side of the road inviting the young man to the challenge ..

Since smalley invited the confrontation and brought deadly force to the argument, I vote for guilty in the second degree ...

and yes, it would have been much better for smalley and the young man if both could have exchanged physical blows and the handgun was not there ... but unfortunately, they were in the wild west and gun mentality is as the article shows is alive and well, no matter how many of our children die by guns every day ...

Who initiated the confrontation ..? according to smalley it was himself pointing to the side of road

Why did the confrontation escalate .. Who baited who in the confrontation and why ..?

A person can be beaten to death outside of his car but not thru the car window .. when you can roll up your window

I did not read anywhere your comment of "while smalley was inside his car trying to escape", that statement not only doesn't make sense it is almost comical ..

You roll down your window knowing that you have deadly force in your possession and are willing to use it ... in smalleys mind it seems to me he was inviting the confrontation and therefore complicit in at the very least second degree murder of this young man ..

There is no reasonable explanation of why it was ruled self defense other than it was a wild west jury in the wild west ...

Lived there once and they are all loaded to the teeth ...

a young 17 year old kid was going to high school one day and got into a road rage incident which eventually led to the young man being shot thru the heart with a 357 caliber hollow ... and the worst part about the story was that the ex military who shot him got off scot free ...

His name is Vern Smalley, and here is his account of what happened ...



My question is, Mr. Smalley states in his own words that the young man was unarmed ... so was his use of deadly force justified ...

Just one of the many reasons that I left Colorado ... those girls in your picture will shoot first and ask questions later ...


Most of us spent our youths fantasizing about the wild west which was a constant theme on the "silver screen," radio and early TV. Much of it was overblown. There was a subculture, especially after the Civil War, centered around crime and banditry and gunslinging, but it was always a minority in the population. Women and children and the sanctity of the home were generally respected. In fact, my grandparents who homesteaded in North Dakota shortly after the turn of the century never locked their doors, and neither did my parents until about the nineteen fifties or sixties. Society was changing even then and not for the best.

Even the gunslingers who dueled with each other were generally a problem only in isolated areas like mining towns and Dodge City and they tended to wipe each other out and disappear as soon as the civilizing process through the introduction of women folk, education and churches began taking effect. I'm pretty sure that most areas of Deadwood and Tombstone were a lot safer for the average child and adult than some areas of Chicago and new York are today, with so many irresponsible individuals owning or stealing guns and spraying bullets with abandon.

Our ancestors sought for the calming effects of civilization and consciously set out to find and apply them. They wanted safe neighborhoods where wearing guns would become obsolete. Tombstone even had a statute against citizens wearing guns in town, and enforcing that law against some lawless elements was one factor that led to the famous shootout at the O K Corral. That "wild west" attitude is quite a contrast with the current attitude exhibited by Wayne LaPierre.

He actually said, "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun."


Nebraska governor signs off on new Keystone XL pipeline route; TransCanada laughs maniacally

Somewhere in Canada, a TransCanada executive has a big checklist on his wall. At the bottom, circled in red: “Approval of Keystone XL!!!!” Until today, only two checkboxes remained unchecked. But now, there’s only one, because he’s put a big fat X next to “Get OK from Nebraska.” The Times reports:

Gov. Dave Heineman of Nebraska approved on Tuesday a revised route for the Keystone XL pipeline through Nebraska, brushing aside vocal opposition from some citizen groups and putting final approval of the pipeline project squarely in the hands of the Obama administration.

Governor Heineman, a Republican, said in a letter to Mr. Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton that his state’s review found that the new route avoided sensitive lands and aquifers. Mr. Obama had rejected the previous route last January on the grounds that construction of the pipeline threatened Nebraska’s Sand Hills region and that a spill could contaminate the critical Ogallala Aquifer.




Tim Geithner, the King of Cloud Cuckoo Land

On January 25, Timothy Geithner will step down as US Treasury Secretary. A lot of people will say and write a lot of things about him at that point, and it sounds like a good idea to be ahead of the game and provide some perspective.

There are voices claiming (there will be many more, promise) that Geithner pulled us out of the recession and the crisis, and saved the economy. That seems presumptuous. It may just as well be true that Geithner has fooled us into thinking that. Just because the stock markets are pulling through so far doesn't mean, let alone prove, that the economy has recovered or been saved. You would need something better, more substantial than that. While acknowledging that relatively strong stock market numbers are at least in potential a great way indeed to fool people about the economy.

And going forward we can wax nostalgically about everything Tim has done, and about where the economy is now compared to 4 years ago, but when all else is said and done, there is still just one question that counts: what happened to the debt? What has Geithner done when it comes to debt? As long as you don't know what happened to the debt, you won't know the true state of the economy.

Well, Americans still have higher personal debt levels than they ever had before (in fact, the best anti-gun law would be to ban paying for them with credit) and government debt has grown exponentially. Those things at least we know to an extent; when it comes to bank debt, we don't know much of anything. Tim has made sure of that. He's handed trillions of dollars in our money to Wall Street and we haven't received anything in return. Well, yes, we have the semblance of a somewhat stable stock market, but is that worth all that extra debt? Moreover, we still don't know what happened to the debt that caused the crisis in the first place, because Tim made sure it has been kept hidden from view. And how's that a good thing again?


Latest news on multiple shooting in Texas ..

Multiple people were shot in a shooting at Lone Star College in north Houston, Texas some time before 12:50 PM. Witnesses on the scene say the shooting may have escalated after a heated argument between two individuals, possibly over a bad grade. Police are describing the incident as an “altercation between two individuals,” one of whom had student ID and a hand gun. Both are now in police custody and experienced gun wounds. A maintenance man was caught in the crossfire and was shot in the leg. A woman on the scene was hospitalized for a medical condition.

The Lone Star website states that the college employs armed police officers and unarmed security guards. Five days ago, Texas Sen. Brian Birdwell (R) and 13 other Republican authors introduced legislation that would allow individuals with concealed weapon permits to carry firearms on campus. The measure failed in the last legislative session, but is now up for debate in the aftermath of the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

Responding to today’s incident, Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX) told KTRK’s Ted Oberg that students were “defenseless” during the shooting and said that public colleges should decide whether or not teachers and students can carry weapons on campus.


"We've got to get rid of too-big-to-fail," Dimon said

Jamie Dimon is at it again. Speaking to his bank's clients yesterday during a panel discussion in Koenigstein, Germany, the chairman and chief executive officer of JPMorgan Chase & Co. said regulators and banks should come up with a system that lets lenders go broke without hurting the world economy.

"We've got to get rid of too-big-to-fail," Dimon said, according to a Bloomberg News article this morning. "We have to ensure big banks can be taken down without harming the public and at no cost to them."

Remarks such as these, coming from the head of JPMorgan, are maddening. (And Dimon has made similar comments before.) Here he is saying all the right things and making all the right moves from a public-relations standpoint. Of course we should eliminate too-big-to-fail, most of us can agree. Of course we should ensure these monster institutions can fail without harming the public.


You can do something about it here ...


"And so again ... the OP wants people to base a lifetime on 8 months. Its nonsense."

My response was based on your statement above, which was taken from the article, not the title ... I will not engage in strawman

However since you brought it up, I will prove to you and anyone else reading this that it is debt for a lifetime or forever in my book ...

If you take thirty six year old Steve's $75,000 school debt and amortize this debt over 30 years you get a monthly payment of $462.00 ... which I would argue that he will not be able to afford this monthly payment in the current employment environment ... so his payment will be less than the $462.00 which will increase his term length to the end of his life ...

My point is that Steve has a lifetime debt load on his future income ... unless of course he finds a rich aunt or uncle ...

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