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What a week of groceries looks like around the world ....

The Revis family from the United States spends around $342 per week on groceries for their family of four. A lot of dishes that are typically considered American have actually been developed from other cuisines. For example, hot dogs and hamburgers are both based on traditional German dishes, and pizza is based on the traditional Italian dish!

Americans are widely known to love fast food, and judging by this family's groceries, that is highly evident - We can spot McDonald's, pizza, fried chicken, a hot dog, nachos, and some Burger King among the other food! Some American families like to make breakfast a large meal, often consisting of cereal, eggs, toast, pancakes, coffee, and fruit juice.


I looked at the size of the family that is being fed by the cost per week ... Mali is feeding 15 people, 8 adults and 7 children with the total cost of the equivalent of $30 dollars per week or $4.28 daily or $.29 per person daily ...

and Japan who has the most expensive food budget is feeding 4 people with the total being $361 per week, or $51.57 daily or $12.89 per person daily ...

I heard the CEO of Coca-Cola tonight say on Piers Morgan that

they were providing last year a thousand jobs to veterans, then he changed it to 960 ....

There are 1,500,000 active duty soldiers in our military and 776,000 veterans in Georgia, the HQ of Coca Cola alone ....

THANK YOU COCA COLA for your service to our country .....

And they certainly are buttering up the Clintons as much as they can ....

Because of course they think the 99ers still believe in miracles ....

Obama hesitation on Syria could prompt Israeli attack on Iran

ELEANOR HALL: Now to that stark warning from an Israeli intelligence expert that the Obama administration's hesitation in striking Syria may provoke Israel into taking unilateral action against Iran.

President Obama says that despite having solid evidence of a sarin gas attack in Syria he will delay ordering a retaliatory strike until after a congressional vote next week.

The Assad regime is calling this an historic "retreat" by the US, and opposition groups in Syria are raising concerns about the Syrian regime intensifying its attacks on civilians.

Both Iran and Lebanon's Baath Party are stepping up the rhetoric about a US strike provoking a regional war. But Mr Obama's reticence is also having a perhaps unintended inflammatory impact inside Israel.



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