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My Idea for gun control

This may get a bit long so please bear with me.

Here is my idea on gun control.

We all are aware that gun ownership is covered by the constitution under the second amendment. That does not change.

All current laws relating to guns stay as they are.

No restrictions on type of guns owned or able to be purchased other than those already on the books.

Now if you decide you wish to exercise your right to own firearms go right ahead. But understand that exercising that right also comes with a great deal of responsibility and accountability.

Prior to being able to purchase a weapon you must complete an approved course of instruction on the safe handling and care of weapons. Also including an exhaustive medical and psychological examination. At the end of the class you must pass an examination showing proficiency in safe handling, care and marksmanship. No plopping down cash sitting for a few hours and getting a certificate. YOU MUST PASS THE TEST.

The class and test must be retaken yearly. Also any law enforcement officer, LEO agency, medical personnel may file papers to have you retake the class and test as they deem appropriate at anytime.

Failure to complete the course, pass the test results in loss of weapon ownership privileges. ALL weapons registered to you must be turned into the authorities until such time as you complete and pass the test. Once you pass the test all weapons are returned.

Once test is passed and prior to taking ownership of new weapon you must submit to an in home inspection on the safe storage of the weapon or weapons. Once completed satisfactorily you are issued a License to own weapons and now may take possession.

During the year that the license is in effect you must fire a minimum number of rounds to demonstrate proficiency in marksmanship with each weapon owned. Records must be maintained documenting same.

Records must be kept as to type of weapon make, model, caliber, S/N. Records must be maintained as to number, type, caliber for ammunition on hand for each weapon owned.

All records, weapons available for inspection upon demand.

All weapons registered in your name.

If you wish to sell a weapon registration of the weapon must be transferred to new owner who meets the above specifications. Failure to do results in permanent loss of weapon ownership privileges. Also jail time is possible.

Loss of a weapon other than theft results in permanent loss of gun ownership privileges. Any crime committed with lost weapon you will be subject to the same penalties as imposed for such crime up to and including incarceration. Regardless if you committed the crime or not.

Any crime committed with a weapon you own you will be subject to the same penalties as imposed for crime committed up to and including incarceration. Regardless if you committed the crime or not.

Any theft of a weapon must be reported within 24 hours. Failure to do so will result in permanent loss of weapon ownership privileges.

That's just a start.

I would like to offer,

Whenever we talk about laws allowing certain things, nothing specific, the first things we hear are "What about the children".

So we make laws that put restrictions on adults to diminish the access of items and conduct to children. We also enact laws that deny access to children. All in the name of protecting children.

So what I want to say about the gun laws we have currently in this country and those being proposed. What about the children?.

The Hebrew Memorial Prayer

That has to be one of the saddest things I have heard in a long time.

Some Advice Please

OK here is my situation.

I am about to become homeless. I currently have a job but do not make enough to pay for rent and utilities. I am working to get a better job.

My current place of residence I only have to pay rent no utilities. The owners of the property have informed me that they plan on walking away from the mortgage (abandoning the property). They are just stopping paying the mortgage and renting an apartment of their own.

I am a vet and have contacted the VA. The VA has programs that I can enter but they will force me to move away from my family and force me to quit my job. Also I must abandon most of my personal possessions. Staying with family is not an option due to their living arrangement's. I have explored that avenue. I really don't want to do either BUT if need be will. I am just looking for other options. The homeless programs in my locality are full and thus not an option. HUD here has a two year waiting list.

The VA does have a program that would be the perfect fit for me. I inquired about that program during my meeting with the VA. The program is called HUD-VASH. It is basically a voucher system where they will pay a portion of the rent on an apartment based on my income and also work with me on getting a better paying job. But I was told that that program is for the chronically homeless.

Any and all advice is greatly appreciated.
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