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Name: Bob T Cat
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: NY,NY
Home country: U S of A
Current location: The Universe
Member since: Thu Jul 21, 2011, 12:53 PM
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Because they got punched in the face enough during Bush's 8 years and decided that another 4 years

of his policy wasn't a great idea. They may have voted for Obama but the voters in question also did what they always do and continued voting straight republican in every other election. During his 8 years in office Obama fulfilled his duties as president with intelligence, with a style and grace that republican presidents never seem to bring to the table.

Obama brought us, and the world, back from the brink of economic collapse. He made it look easy, too easy. So, that particular segment came to the conclusion that if a N***** could do it, anybody could. Then they decided to test their little theory by placing the most ridiculous fleaball momo they could find into office.

If these voters didn't find any change it's because they didn't want to. During his time Obama had a number of different jobs acts and programs put in place to close the "skills gap". I guess the "Obama-trump voters" decided to forget how THEY rejected it all out of hand. The tax breaks we were given for returning to college and programs initiated for retraining to other careers. Things were put in place to help them succeed and they turned it all down.

They didn't, and still don't want any sort of real change. They want to exist in a world where they have no competition, and requires one to put forth zero effort to maintain marketable job skills. Ever the consummate con-men trump and the GOP know their marks quite well.

If you voted for trump...

I now, and always will, suspect you. From here on out, all of your arguments and supporting motivations are suspect and most likely tinged with something ugly. If you still "support" trump "today". You are hands down, rock bottom, a hateful ass person with bigoted tendencies heading towards, if not already, outright racist based opinions.

That's it, there is no inbetween or I was duped arguments for you anymore. This dude and his collection of riff-raff has done nothing but show their natural born asses to the entire world for an entire year. First and foremost, has been their unmitigated use of brown skin policies as meat for his base of crazies. How can you still support this guy if you don't believe in the brand of dirt he's shoveling?

The trump "supporter/worshiper" doesn't even pretend there is going to be a pivot anymore. They never really believed it, they just didn't want decent people calling them out on it. They don't care that rather than "draining the swamp". trump has instead filled that fucker with flammable substances provided to him personally by Putin. Then like a complete pyro, trump goes about setting the swamp, come gas ridden cesspool, on fire EVERY FRIGGING DAY; twice on Fridays. On Friday's trump sets fire to the fires followed by dropping weapons grade explosives on things just for the hell of it. Meanwhile, his "supporter/worshipers" are still trying to beat the ghost of Hillary Clinton's presidential run and telling us not to believe our lying eyes.

It's been said before, but it begs repeating. If we are going to win its going to be with a voting block of minorities and white people didn't decide voting for a completely racist, uncouth, mysoginistic, unqualified madman was a completely reasonable and rational idea. The only thing you'll get courting trump "supporter/worshiper" is the eventual betrayal. If anything, the Democratic ideals should be doubled down on, and offered out loud for everybody to hear. Nevermind this centrist wishy-washy appease the republicans nonsense.

We need to court the voter that believes their vote doesn't really count because everything always ends up in the exact same space. We need to court the younger voter that for some reason can't "relate" to our candidates.. We need to go to war for the people who are the backbone of this party rather than tip toeing around the feelings of people who want theirs and only theirs at the expense of everyone else. There are more of us than there are of them and we don't "need" their votes.

Eventually, maybe, even those trump "voters" will come to understand their vote for trump was utterly wrong and damaged this country in ways they couldn't have even imagined. Maybe, they'll see the the light and apologize. Hopefully, they'll be more considerate of who they vote for in the future. As for those that are still in lockstep with trump's brand of insanity, i.e. his current "supporter/worshipers". Well, I'm seriously tired of hearing that noise about reaching out to them. They need to reach out to us, but I'm pretty sure the only reaching out we'd get from any of them, if given a chance, would be a kick to the head.

EDIT:Moved from the Lounge by request. Didn't mean to place it there.
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