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Demsrule86's Journal
Demsrule86's Journal
November 7, 2022

Nevada Is Going to Be OK. Good News is Everywhere. Take a Deep Breath, We Got This.

Jon Ralston, a giant mail dump came in last night and Dems crushed the R’s this time, adding a nice healthy padding of early votes to the pile.


November 4, 2022

Marist as reported by News week predicts victory for Democrats in Arizona, Pennsylvania and Georgia

Marist's polls conducted in Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania show Democrats leading in crucial Senate races, though the margins remain particularly tight in Georgia.

The surveys also showed Democratic candidates are favored to win gubernatorial elections in Arizona and Pennsylvania but Georgia's Republican Governor Brian Kemp is on track for re-election.
The last 2022 Marist poll for Pennsylvania has found Democratic Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman leading Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz in the Senate race among definite voters with 51 percent to Oz's 45 percent and 4 percent undecided.
The graph below shows polling averages from the Pennsylvania Senate race.


November 3, 2022

The Polls could be off and Democrats could win it all...from 538. It could go the the other way too

of course but enough folks here are breathlessly posting bad news multiple times a day (why?) so I will leave a link for those who wish to explore that possibility or someone else can post because I won't. Safe to say this...no one has any idea what will happen on Tuesday In fact, all this premature screaming about election fraud makes me wonder if some on the Right know or suspect they will lose on Tuesday...here is hoping.


October 28, 2022

Man who assaulted Pelosi's husband with hammer was looking for House speaker, source says

OMFG!!! f'ing MAGA bastards.

Paul Pelosi, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, was attacked with a hammer at the couple’s home in San Francisco by a male assailant early Friday morning, law enforcement sources tell CNN.

The assailant who attacked Paul Pelosi was searching for the speaker of the House, according to a source briefed on the attack. The intruder confronted the speaker’s husband in their San Francisco home shouting “Where is Nancy, where is Nancy?” according to the source.

Pelosi, 82, was hospitalized but is expected to make a full recovery, the Democratic speaker’s office said in a statement.

October 26, 2022

Just looked at a taped version of today's Morning Joe. The first topic was Oz's answer on abortion.

It is game over for Oz IMHO. Jim Messina said the take-away from last night would be the abortion should be between a woman, her doctor and I never thought he had much of a chance but that answer? Also, it was noted that Fetterman struggled but the panel agreed that the debate changed nothing...if you were for a candidate before you still are for that candidate. That is what I think. However, I do believe that Fetterman did what he had to last night. Roe your vote.

October 20, 2022

Democrats close the enthusiasm gap as Biden improves his standing with base voters

I am tired of all the negative posts from the usual suspects...here is some good news...Enjoy. I still say we keep the House and the Senate...I really think we have a good chance...

Despite the fact that voters from the party out of power usually steamroll midterm elections, Democratic voters are almost equally as engaged this cycle as Republican voters. At the same time, President Joe Biden has improved his standing among key Democratic voting blocs over the past year, according to the final Daily Kos/Civiqs survey of the 2022 cycle.

Among registered voters, 84% said they would "definitely" vote this year, including 83% of Democrats, 89% of Republicans, and 80% of independents.

For Democrats, that's a vast improvement from reports earlier this year suggesting Republicans had a double-digit voter intensity advantage approaching 20 points in some polling.

But the Civiqs survey also revealed that Democratic voters increasingly believe President Biden is doing a better job of delivering on his campaign promises and improving their lives in the process. The survey revisited several questions Civiqs had posed to voters in previous polls, and Democratic respondents—particularly among people of color—have warmed to Biden over the past year.


September 1, 2022

McDermott campaign poll shows tight Indiana Senate race/Roe Roe Roe your vote is working!

A poll released to IndyStar by Democrat Thomas McDermott Jr.'s campaign shows that the Senate race against Republican Sen. Todd Young could be closer than expected.

According to crosstabs on the poll conducted Aug. 20-24 by California-based Change Research, 45% of the 2,111 likely voters surveyed said they would vote for Young in November, while 42% said they would vote for McDermott in November. The remaining 13% surveyed said they either were unsure or wouldn't vote. Libertarian James Sceniak was not included in the survey.

There was a margin of error of 2.62 percentage points.

Oops...forgot the link...Mea Culpa


July 9, 2022

Well, I am in hospital with a-fib . I had a murmur but update

Was more serious. I feel like crap. I had a clot in my left kidney which hurt. So I went ER. I didn’t know until I got here the situation. So should be controlled by meds. If it isn’t pace maker. Probably if all goes well, a week in hospital…to damned young for this! My daughter is watching Dad still recovering from spinal surgery. What a year!!!!

I had covid my birthday June 22. The symptoms were mild so I didnt go to the doctor. On July 8th I woke up violently ill...awful pain in left lower abdomen, I had felt tired for a while. But had big week with family parties, at the ER they did blood work and an EKG, I was in a fib with a heart rate above 160...fluctuated. I had multiple blood clots in my stomach and one in the left kidney which caused the pain, also pneumonia. They tell you to seek medical care with Covid if it is a bad case. But learn from my mistakes. Get checked out afterward. My cardiologist says all his new a fib cases were people who had recent covid. Some were not as lucky as me and had strokes or heart attacks. I would not be here most likely if I didn't go to the ER and I had two days of headache and nausea with Covid and thought I was fine. I would have had a stroke or heart attack likely on Friday...so be careful. Excuse spelling or any other mistakes still pretty sick and it is hard to type. Stay welll.

June 29, 2022

We are going to win the midterm/don't listen to some making the media rounds. Poll Included

They don't understand what the end of Roe means for this country. We will vote in overwhelming numbers.

A majority of Americans (57%) think the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade was politically motivated and not motivated by the law of the land (36%). The debate over abortion rights will most likely play out on the campaign trail. 62% of registered voters say the Supreme Court’s decision will make them more likely to vote in this year’s midterm elections. Democrats (78%) are more motivated by the decision than Republicans (54%) and independents (53%).Following-Overturn-of-Roe-v.-Wade-sourced-1.jpg Read more.

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