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Demsrule86's Journal
Demsrule86's Journal
August 25, 2019

I am posting two Electoral College maps;one we win,the other we don't. (poll)

The difference is three states...blue wall states that we lost in 16...three states we either win or we lose the presidency in 20 and beyond...our situation is dire as you will see if you look at the maps objectively. the three blue wall states states in general'purple states at best... We need to run a moderate nominee in 20. Biden is the best candidate to retake those states and maybe even more rust belt and possibly Southern states (also becoming purple). He is popular in Ohio. So do we want our perfect progressive candidate or do we want to win...not sure we can do both. By the way, Biden is progressive but can also attract moderates. I have posted the link so you can make your own EC maps...show me I am wrong if you can...show me how we win without the blue wall states. Please take the included poll.

The map below shows how dire our situation is with the electoral college...and we need a candidate who can win the blue wall states...the first map shows us losing as we keep what Hillary took and fail to win back the blue wall...and keep in mind Minnesota was close...and could go the other way. If we don't rebuild the blue wall ...take MI, WI and PA, we will lose in 20 and beyond. For those yesterday who sneered at folks in Lordstown Ohio, maybe you should reconsider you harsh remarks.

The second map show what happens when we take three additional states...MI, PA and WI. We win! It is our only realistic path to the presidency...we have not take Georgia or Texas in decades...and have we ever won Arizona? What has changed so that now we win? We rebuilt the blue wall and Biden is the best candidate to do this.


August 9, 2019

Unlike previous runs, Joe Biden is building out Iowa campaign team with 'robust' hiring,

Biden is ahead in Iowa and has a very good team and ground game.

"Joe Biden is building the kind of top-tier Iowa organization that eluded him in his previous runs for president. The former vice president benefits from a deep well of goodwill in the state. And at campaign stops, Biden frequently promises Iowa voters he plans to work hard to earn their support...His campaign is making good on that promise by locking in existing backers and bringing in new support through extensive spending on social media and outreach from a growing staff roster. By Aug. 1, the campaign says it will have about 75 total staff members in Iowa, 60 of whom will be field staff...

...In fact, Biden's operation is now one of the largest — if not the largest — so far in the state, surpassing many of his Democratic rivals. U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren's campaign reported 65 staffers in Iowa as of July 1, while U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders had 48, former U.S. Rep. Beto O'Rourke had 44 and U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris had nearly 50. South... Mayor Pete Buttigiege, has been hiring quickly in Iowa as well. His team went from 39 staffers on July 1 to 57 on July 22...

...Biden's campaign showcased its organizing muscle on July 20 when campaign organizers led volunteers in events in 20 communities across Iowa, reaching about 25,000 Iowans through door knocking, phone calls and speaking with voters, the campaign said."


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