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Demsrule86's Journal
Demsrule86's Journal
July 5, 2019

On gun control, look to Biden

This was after Sandy Hook, sadly Biden failed to get the House to even take up this bill...but below is information that shows his long term committment for gun control...he had pushed for it early in the Obama administration. But of course the house was on fire, the economy had to be dealt with.

...'After Biden wrote the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act in 1988, Republicans quickly filibustered, blocking the bill for four years. He steered "the Biden crime bill" through the lengthy filibuster by negotiating with Republicans and making revisions. "Every single line in that bill was written with every single major Republican a part of it," Biden said in a September 12, 1994, interview on the Charlie Rose show.
The Clinton administration and then-Sen. Biden repeatedly refused to make concessions that would have jeopardized the substance of the act, even after debate over the amendment we know as the federal assault weapons ban imperiled the entire bill. Instead of backing down, Biden took on Republican Sens. Phil Gramm and Orrin Hatch and faced opponents attacking the bill as taxpayer-funded "dance lessons and midnight basketball for robbers and rapists."...

...When the bill foundered in the House, Biden persevered. It reached President Clinton's desk thanks to an unexpected, eleventh-hour push from a "Lost Battalion of Republicans" led by Rep. Mike Castle of Delaware. He'd been swayed during a series of meetings with the House Speaker and other House Republicans, at which Biden was the only Senator in attendance.
The resulting legislation banned the manufacture of 19 types of semi-automatic firearms and criminalized the possession of high-capacity magazines. The process taught a critical lesson: When otherwise "pro-gun'" lawmakers have to choose between a crime bill including a gun ban and inaction, it is more than possible for them to vote to protect Americans. Unfortunately, the assault weapons ban expired in 2004...... Since then, numerous lawmakers, including Joe Biden, have tried and failed to get the ban renewed..

...Biden will likely support a new ban on assault weapons and push for improvements. His 2007 Crime Control and Prevention Act would not only have renewed the ban but required background checks for all gun purchases, closing the "gun show loophole.'" Biden has also called on Congress to address the relationship of mental illness to violence in the wake of the Virginia Tech shootings...'


July 3, 2019

I have posted various map I encourage you to make your own and post them...https://www.270towin.com

This post has been cleaned up (map code) and updated.

This map shows what happens when we lose MI, WI and PA...what we have to overcome in terms of numbers...obviously we lose if this is the map. This is how Trump will try to win. My conclusion (yours may be different ) is that we barely lost in 16 in the MI, WI and PA and with the proper candidate, we can beat Trump in those states and out he goes. Biden was born in PA and has a connectin with those states. Thus I believe he has the best chance. He also has a shot in Florida which is huge. If we are not careful and run a disasterous candidate who has adopted issues that will not work in a general, we could lose states like Virginia too. We need a big tent approach. My final map is a Senate map demonstrating our difficulties in regaining a senate majority.


This map shows what happens if we take three states...MI WI and PA. This is rebuilding the the blue wall. And we barely lost...last time. WE WIN!!!!!!!!!! Please consider that we have no realistic path...one that has acutally happened in the last few decades without rebuilding the blue wall. A candidate like Biden with ties to the region can do this...the others I simply don't think they can or will.

This map shows us taking three different states ...Arizona, Georgia and North Carolina. I don't see Texas as flipping but I will show a map a bit later that addresses Texas. We do win in this scenario but how likely would it be that we win these states? It has been decades since we won Arizona or Georgia...as for Carolina we won in 08 barely. I also submit a progressive candidate who can appeal to moderates would have a better chance with this strategy. It is very risky as it is likely we will win none of those states.


Now here is Texas without any other states...although I do think Texas would be a blow out and we would win in other places...but we have not taken Texas in decades. Thus I consider it unlikely.

Below is a Senate Map. Please note the very light greyish area have no seats up in 20...as you can see...we have to win in what is now red or purple areas. It is very difficult...and I believe it is likely we will lose Doug Jones seat...so how do we retake the Senate without appealing to moderates and perhaps even some conservatives?

July 2, 2019

CNN just reported in their new poll that Biden still has the best chance to beat Trump...not even

close. So if we pick a different candidate, we will have a very difficult time winning a general and Trump could well get four more years. Mayor Pete, has 0% AA vote. was the only other interesting thing reported...except that Biden still leads Harris in the AA community. One other interesting thing is...Harris was not picked as best to handle health care, the economy and a range of other issues.

"Kamala Harris' jump in our poll is almost assuredly because of the debates. We know this in part because Democrats overwhelmingly say she did the best of any candidate and because she saw a large jump in our poll.

But she's weak on the issues when compared to the other top candidates. Only 10% of potential Democratic primary voters say she is best to handle health care. That drops to 6% on the climate crisis and the economy. On all of these top issues, three other Democrats do better than she does."


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