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Demsrule86's Journal
Demsrule86's Journal
May 20, 2019

"Joe Biden's Bet That 2016 Didn't Change Everything" We still need the blue wall. How we win did not

change. Nor did we veer left as the media and some Democrats insisted. The midterms showed a different reality. 2016 was an aberration with a perfect storm of trouble that hit us. Hillary took criticism from the left and the right when that happens, we lose. Comey tipped the scale with both of his unprofessional statements, we had gerrymandering and voter suppression and of course the Russians. This was an aberration and we still need the same state we always did to win. Biden can win those states. In 2018, the house flipped because of moderate Democrats. Thus there is no leftward movement in this party or this country. We are a center left country and a big tent party.

"PHILADELPHIA—If the new rules of politics post-2016 were to hold up, the official launch rally Joe Biden held here on Saturday would mean that he is in trouble: The crowd wasn’t huge, was largely white and older, and, for the most part, only really got into it when he mentioned Barack Obama or Donald Trump.

Yet Biden’s high-and-getting-higher poll numbers, the early fund-raising success that has surprised even his own aides, and the enthusiastic responses I heard from supporters who came out on a hot afternoon to see him don’t show a candidate in much trouble at all. Biden’s campaign is a bet: that in the four years since Trump launched his campaign, the country hasn’t changed, the Democratic Party hasn’t changed, and politics hasn’t changed."


Do you believe elections have been changed forever because of 2016?

May 12, 2019

'Everything We Know About the Joe Biden-Ukraine Controversy.' Biden is exonerated completely (me)

'...Allies of President Trump, led by lawyer Rudy Giuliani, have been promoting the story in an attempt to cast Biden as corrupt. Last week, Giuliani called for Biden to be “investigated quickly and expeditiously.”

But there’s a problem with the suggestion that Biden was trying to help his son. The investigation into Burisma was dead long before Biden started his campaign to oust Shokin, Vitaliy Kasko, a former Ukrainian official who worked under Shokin, told Bloomberg...'

Duer's promoting this story are doing President Trump's and Gouliani's dirty work. When you are siding with Donnie the terrible, you should just stop.


May 9, 2019

Biden's rise in 2020 race catches Trump's eye, unnerves his allies.

'...Some Trump advisers see the former vice president, with his mainstream blue-collar appeal, as a tough opponent in the three states that carried Trump to his improbable victory in 2016 - Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania...'

Losing any of those states in 2020 would make Trump’s path to re-election more problematic.

Problematic? The map clearly shows Biden beats Trump should he lose the above rustbelt states. I believe Biden has the best chance to get Trump out of the White House.


May 3, 2019

If we rebuild the blue wall, the Republicans won't win the presidency in 20 or for years.

We will stop them and move the country left. Below is the 2016 presidential electoral college map showing what would have happened with a win in WI, PA and MI. I believe Biden can do this. Fired up and ready to go. But no matter who the candidate is victory is in the rustbelt.


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