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Demsrule86's Journal
Demsrule86's Journal
December 30, 2019

Two polls for Iowa...One poll for New Hampshire in the entire month of December...

Last time 14 polls...why so few this go around. Money -polls are expensive and the fact that people screen their calls and don't pick up the phone for unknown numbers. please note how few polls there are this go round. And none of the polls qualify for a debate.


December 19, 2019

Today is a great night me. My oldest daughter's lymph node biopsy was negative. The doctor doesn't

think she has lymphoma after all...it has been hell on earth this last month waiting for the final wo:rd...I tried not to think about it every minute of the day but...almost impossible. I thank God, she is going to be fine. The doctor called late and when I heard his voice, I thought the worst and started to sob...but it was the best news possible.

December 12, 2019

Latest Polls...538. Very good for Biden; it is a surge!


Update...must go out and shop for my poor little kiddies or no Christmas presents for them...they think Dad is cheap (not really fair or true but family lore). The kids believed in Santa much longer than most because my answer was when they asked...'you think Dad buys all this stuff"? hehe. Dad does hate to shop so a kernel of truth...I will reply upon my return
November 21, 2019

Get up and take it back. This is the United States of American there is nothing we can't do...

Joe Biden you bring hope to this beleaguered nation-savaged by Trump and his Republican cronies...I know you will kick Trump to the curb and fix what these barbarians have broken so we can once again hold our head up and be proud to be Americans.

November 19, 2019

Have you no sense of Decency? NO the White House and the GOP henchmen don't possess a consicience

particularly Gym Jordan who allowed boys as young as 14 to be sexually molested in Ohio...he is a disgrace to my state and our nation.


November 8, 2019

RCP Average: Biden 28.3% Biden is clearly the front runner. It appears that Warren has declined

beginning in October (after the debates?) and continuing into November

Biden is leading in the RCP average in all states except Monmouth where he is tied. Great news for Joe...he is as I stated before clearly the front runner and will go on IMHO to be our nominee in 20...Trump will lose in a landslide!


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“History says, Don’t hope On this side of the grave, But then, once in a lifetime The longed-for tidal wave Of justice can rise up, And hope and history rhyme”

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