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Demsrule86's Journal
Demsrule86's Journal
March 3, 2017

https://www.callmycongress.com/ Please Please Call about the ACA Link in header and below.

We are down to the wire...I think we can stop them...if we work together. Get the message out with Facebook Twitter etc...thousands will die if we can't stop them.


March 2, 2017

Very exciting to see Trump falter bigly but folks the ACA is in trouble

the GOP plans to vote to murder middle class and poor people on Tuesday by voting in the rich guys health bill. It must be really bad as Ryan is hiding it...please start calling your representatives. Rec if you called Congress or will call !


March 2, 2017

Sessions lied about contact with the Russians. When will he resign?

Kislyak was also a spy recruiter per CNN last night.

Michael Weiss

Evan Perez just said it on CNN, so I suppose I can here: Kislyak wasn't just ambassador, he was Russia's "top spy recruiter" in D.C.: SVR.
10:27 PM - 1 Mar 2017
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March 2, 2017

Yesterday my daughter was threatened by a Trump supporter.

She was coming home from school late. She had a meeting...it was hailing here and she blinked her bright lights on and off in order to see better...she is a very cautious driver...the guy some ways in front of her blocked her car at the exit by turning sideways...he approached her car...at first she thought he needed help...but he launched into an unhinged tirade about the lights...and she was terrified. The man is very lucky I was not driving...if some person blocked my car and got out and threatened me.. I would have warned him as I called 911 not to come any closer...if he did, I would run him over...I am so angry. I wanted to call the cops...there is a camera near there, but she doesn't want to...he is dangerous and will hurt someone...she could have been rammed by another driver getting off the highway...the visibility was very poor. He had one one of those make America great stupid caps on his obviously fat head. Ohio is open carry and some of these folks are very dangerous.

Have you ever been threatened or accosted by a Trump supporter?

March 2, 2017

Obama Administration Rushed to Preserve Intelligence of Russian Election Hacking


This hit about an hour ago...it is from the New York times but is on my MSN Home Page.

Trump is toast. The evidence was preserved and given to enough people that they won't be abler to stone wall in my opinion.
February 1, 2017


Just noticed this group...I love Netflix.

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