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Gender: Female
Hometown: Ohio
Home country: USA
Current location: Bedford OH
Member since: Wed Jul 13, 2011, 08:37 AM
Number of posts: 53,819

About Me

“History says, Don’t hope On this side of the grave, But then, once in a lifetime The longed-for tidal wave Of justice can rise up, And hope and history rhyme”

Journal Archives

Apple TV came free with my phone for a year...

I wasn't that impressed...but I have to say Home Before Dark is one of the Best series I have ever watched. Hubs and I were binge watching yesterday and he feel asleep...I was irritated because I wanted him to wake up so I could watch another one...so so good. I highly recommend it. You can sign up for free for a while and watch but it is pretty cheap at $5.00 a month. It was a really good show. I don't know if the content on this app is great all the time...first thing I have watched but boy this was good. It seems to me that there is content that cost money too so be wary so you don't accidentally buy something.

Primary Postmortem Well here we are about to start a General where our very Republic is at stake

and the primary is over. So what you do you think? Highs, lows and in between, it has been an exciting year...ending in tragedy- a pandemic. I would like to thank all Duer's no matter who they supported for a primary season filled with great discussions and excitement. This was the best place to be. And as always I learned a great deal.

I know some here are sad, it hurts when you candidate is not the nominee. But we move on. Everyone here makes DU a fabulous place during the primary, the General and anytime really. Go Joe Biden,we are going to remove Trump after four fucking years kick his murderous ass out of the People's House. November can't come to soon for me. I will be wearing my Woman's march sweatshirt for luck on election day. The march on a surprisingly warm day in January was the beginning. And we will end Trump's murderous rule in November. Hats off to you DU and all members.

Thank you for the new Header, You guys rock!!!!

Rain, hail, lawsuits and the coronavirus crisis fail to halt Wisconsin Primary. WISCONSIN ROCKS!!!!!

The GOP tried to stop the vote yesterday and were willing to risk Wisconsin voters lives...even those in their own party. But Wisconsin showed up and voted in dire circumstances. I am so proud of our side.


MILWAUKEE — They showed up wearing homemade face masks and plastic garbage bags. They waited in lines for nearly two hours. They endured rain and a pummeling hailstorm.

Voters here on Tuesday braved the most grueling of conditions — with some fearing they were risking their lives — to take part in one of the most dangerous elections the United States has seen.

Amid a pandemic so dangerous that this week the United States surgeon general urged people to stay home, Wisconsin voters went to the polls after the Republican-controlled Legislature and a conservative-led state Supreme Court overturned a move to delay it.


I tested negative for Covid 19...at Cleveland Clinic...took the test yesterday...had results in

my chart today. My doctor is prescribing antibiotics. Thank God! Ohio has done a good job IMHO.

One of my favorite senators doing her job...she was a great candidate and my second choice.

You are the best Sen. Warren...fighting for all of us on the Senate floor...what a contrast to Sanders who is in Vermont having music parties combined with his riveting stump speech...Do your job Senator Sanders. Oh could you spare ten minutes from you busy schedule to concede so we can get on with the business of crushing the most dangerous president in history and electing a Democratic Senate while holding the House. Asking for a friend...the American people who deserve better.


The entire state of Ohio has 'A Stay at Home Order' This means only CDC approved activities

are allowed...grocery, pharmacy, certain industries. I can't believe an entire state is shut down...I am in shock.

My son works for one of the big three in autos...he was sent home today...laid off and

no return date. This means huge job losses in parts plants and other industry...I am in Ohio...hubs will be laid off until GM comes back... they will work one week full pay and the second reduced pay and then laid off no return date...scary situation. Not everyone can work from home...getting ugly out there. I don't see how we have an economy when this is over...Will we have another great depression?

Polls at Real Clear Politics. Joe will win all states. Arizona looks really good in the General too.


David Sirota is on O'Donnell...and he is talking a mile a minute to no effect...

Your can feel the desperation....Corona requires a revolution don't you know. Sanders promised a revolution. More blah blah blah...the primary is likely over. Someone imploded but not Biden.
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