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Member since: Fri Jul 1, 2011, 03:11 PM
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Pastor Michael Pfleger, anti-gun extremist, promoted sideways in Chicago.

The anti-gun extremist, Pastor Michael Pfleger of Chicago, will evidently get promoted "sideways" by the Archbishop, becoming "co-pastor" where he was once pastor. He will now assist in some sort of anti-gun activities for the Catholic church. The move was supported by Mayor Rahm.


In the past, Pfleger has organized confrontational demonstrations against the only gun shop in the Chicago area, and according to some, threatened the gun dealer by saying "we will find you and snuff you out..." From Wikipedia:

"'He's the owner of Chuck's. John Riggio. R-i-g-g-i-o. We're going to find you and snuff you outů you know you're going to hide like a rat. You're going to hide but like a rat we're going to catch you and pull you out.' Pfleger later claimed his use of the phrase 'snuff you out' was misinterpreted."


Bloomberg's Superbowl gun-control ad was "regional"...

"The video, viewable below, was a regional purchase and will not be shown nationwide during the game."


There was a lot of talk about the "Superbowl" ad pitching gun-control, featuring the mayors of NYC and Boston. But the ad apparently showed in some regional market. Perhaps this was a way to avoid a backlash against the ad and the Superbowl apparatus if the political ad had aired; perhaps it was a way to avoid having to deal with another issue: Why MSM (networks still carry the game) will not post pro-2A ads, even if they are paid for.

Seems this Mayors (against illegal) Guns effort was fart in a hurricane, coming as it were from a mayor who has armed bodyguards.

Austin, TX homicide rate show guns -- CORRECTION -- knives as weapon-of-choice.

("enlarge photo"

Austin, Texas' 2011 homicide rate experienced a sharp drop when compared with the year before, going down from 37 in 2010 to 27 in 2011. There was the usual "Interstate phenomenon" of heavy crimes along the I-35 corridor through the city (a phenomenon seen in other cities with Interstates), but most striking was the weapon most often chosen: The knife (10). Guns were used in only 7 homicides. This number surprised me. Do any posters in DU Guns have data on their city's homicide rates, and what weapon was most commonly chosen?

So far, 3 murders have been committed in Austin this month; 1 probably using "blunt object," the other probably "hands." A third person was killed by a handgun.

I most likely will not "alert" further on "Gungeon" smear...

Some gun-controller/banners have established beyond much doubt that they have a 'free pass' to say pretty much anything they want about someone else's character, beliefs, without suffering any 'hidden threads.' Conversely, they seem to have an expanding ability to 'alert' on pro-gun-control folks, even over the most minor statements, and have that alert sustained. (I was 'hidden' because I made a joke about missing the time "4:20." One juror even insulted me for being: big enough to carry a gun, you are big enough to see 'mastubation' was misspelled. I didn't use the term (!), but was chastised for not seeing the controller/prohibitionist's use of it! Otherwise, the main comment I have received from jurors about smears goes something like this: "It's the Gungeon, what do you expect?"

What I expect is one side not getting a free pass, or alert/venue-shopping with loaded dice.

IMO, the judges have been "softened up" by some gun-controller/banners by complaining that if you hide threads, then the "Gungeon" will be all pro-guns. This self-innoculation allows some gun-controller/banners to pour out whatever is in the slop bucket.

I realize that this jury system is difficult to manage (I have served as a juror as well), and I don't have any real solutions except for a return to the old "system." And while I have treated my role as juror seriously, I am also considering no longer participating as a juror.

Best wishes to the moderators and most of the jurors.
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