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Member since: Thu Jun 23, 2011, 07:41 PM
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"They" have been taught that they are born into the ruling class.

Everyone on the earth is here to make "their" lives more comfortable.

It's like the Queen ant and the workers.
The workers scurry around ready to give their lives for the safety of the queen.

We were so busy with our little lives that we didn't see "them" holding back
our salaries and promotions so they could divert the money to their own
bank accounts.

For 30 years we've been getting screwed and now it's too late for us to recoup our losses.

But the GOP is dying out and the masses will bring our country back into balance.

The Republican'ts may never win another election and after we get the gerrymandered districts back into
balance we will slowly evolve into a country that is better for everyone.

Posted by socialindependocrat | Mon Feb 25, 2013, 06:36 PM (1 replies)

I'm tired - Let's get hard core

What if the courts said that there would be a stiff penalty for unethical misdeeds
and that there would be an amnesty period and people could come forward and
"confess" the dirty tricks that they knew about.

But only one person could get amnesty for each misconduct and the rest would get
a stiff penalty.

I'd bet there'd be a lot of individuals who would want to save their skin and their reputations
and become state's witness.

I am so tired of having all these dirty tricks exposed and then waiting for months for
the courts to get the evidence and then go thru court trials and then have corrupt
judges drop all the important charges and then these people get a slap on the hand.

Let's get some teeth in these courts and make people afraid to attempt to do these
anti-democratic, unethical maneuvers ti,e after time after time because they aren't afraid
of the consequences!
Posted by socialindependocrat | Mon Feb 25, 2013, 06:28 PM (0 replies)

Why do people continue to vote to support corporate welfare?

The illogic of giving the wealthy more and more money needs to be explained
in very simple/understandable terms to the people who vote GOP.

The logic of giving back the middle class salaries that have been stolen over
the past 30 years needs to be explained in very simple and understandable terms.

Even the Republican't party platform shows that they are just trying to impose
their religious beliefs on the rest of the country.
May they Rest In Peace...quickly

Freedom of personal choice is where the balance is!
Live and let live.
"You live the way I want you to live" - is not Democracy

The logic of slow/evolutionary change to better people's lives is the goal.

The history of the era of the robber baron is what we need to learn from
And the failure of the "Trickle-Down Theory" is what we need to learn from.

The illegality of bribery from lobbyists needs to be stopped
Our Congress is bought.

The misappropriation of corporate funds to buy elections is absurd!
Our Supreme Court is bought.

The Republican't run states that are gerrymandering and blocking the vote
need to be corrected. The fact that they don't even try to hide their hurtfull
manipulations of the system should immediately be outlawed by the judicial
branch - but where are they? Where are the ethics committees?

If our current form of government had been proposed back in 1776
we never would have tried to break away from England.

What a mess!
Posted by socialindependocrat | Sat Feb 23, 2013, 01:19 PM (0 replies)
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