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socialindependocrat's Journal
socialindependocrat's Journal
April 14, 2013

In support of being human

At least give me a chance to say my piece before blasting me to the heavens.

I worked in a large corporation where there was a "zero tolerance policy"
on a number of things. This means that if you do something that was against the
acceptability rules - just once- you were fired.

What it did was to keep everyone on-guard for fear that they would not think
and break one of the rules and lose their jobs after 25 years of service. Humor
was reduced to saying the most innocuous things behind closed doors or in
one-on-one situations so you could deny whatever you may have said.

Some people are very dichotomous thinkers and by George - a rule was a rule and
you followed it without question. You didn't even ask to have anything explained you
just went back to your office and tried to keep your nose to the grindstone.

The best example is men being afraid to compliment any woman about how nice they
looked even if they really looked nice. Women could say that they thought a male
coworker's new suit looked "sharp" but that was o.k. cause men weren't perceived as
being victims of harassment.

It leads to a workplace that is devoid of humor and puts a crimp on developing
interpersonal relationships with your coworkers.

When we did training on harassment it was incumbent upon the offended party to inform
the offender that they didn't appreciate whatever comment was made and that they
didn't want to be exposed to that type of humor or action again. The second offence
was reportable and there would be some sort of punishment that would be meted out by
the personnel dept.

My vote would be for, at least, a warning for the first offence before someone loses their
job. The "zero tolerance" system makes for a very fearful environment whether it be in the
office or in the lab or in the plant. Just think of constantly being aware that you shouldn't try to
say anything that will make anyone smile or would be considered a joke because someone
in the room may take offence.

O.K - said my piece - feel free to tear me up.

(I can say things like this because I'm retired now and I can't lose my job.)

April 3, 2013

As stupid as these people are today...

I can't imagine what it would be like if they ever start to revive the people
who are cryogenically frozen.

Now, picture this:

What would a map of the U.S. look like if we allowed states to determine their own laws.
They would be speckled with all the variations that people could choose. You would not be able to decide where to move because the states that had the laws you liked probably wouldn't have the climate
you were looking for.

Are we just going to evolve into a massive hodgepodge of can-dos and can't-dos.
Will we need to carry a rule book to tell us how we can act in each state?

What a mess!

The problem (as I see it) comes from the conservatives not being able to live
and let live. Nobody forces them to do things - They have the choice to choose
but they have to stick their nose in everyone's business and tell others how to act.
I think they should go back to Europe. This is what we came to the U.S. to get away from!

March 24, 2013

It does cost extra tax dollars

and I would think that one SWAT team for multiple communities
would be sufficient.

Since it does cost tax dollars it would be nice if the police
poll the community to see what their view of the need vs.
want is. The police seem to say - We have decided that
there is a NEED and they go out and spend the money and
then raise taxes. There will be no end to the "toys" that
these people want/need.

I am against spending tax payer's money in order to increase
revenue (eg. , intersection cameras). If they want the intersection
to be safer they should increase the time for the yellow or put up a
countdown indicator like they have on the crosswalks now. That way
you would know how many seconds are left to get thru the light. If
there are only 2-3 seconds you know to stop at the light. -Simple-

BUT - it reduces revenue - NO, we can't possibly do that!
AND why would we want to?
(because you're there to PROTECT the people, stupid!)

March 17, 2013

The failure of the logic

Just because the government or king was messing up the ability of the common folk to
better themselves by having restrictive regulations it was a different situation. Today people
have grown their businesses so large that they are powerful enough to cheat their employees
out of rightful wages and benefits. This is why we need regulation today - So that the robber
baron doesn't abuse his workers.

Not ducking the tough calls is great as long as the person making the decisions has the intelligence
to make a balanced decision and not make the decision to continue to take money from the
middle class and give it to the wealthy who will only invest the money in order to make more money
at the cost of making it difficult for the middle class to have the discretionary funds to buy goods
from the businesses that keeps the economy going.

Lastly, families are made up of parents and children. The parents teach the children to grow up to be
caring and responsible adults who will grow up to contribute to society. There are children that need
to be adopted and because of this the parents don't need to participate in natural childbirth in order
to create a family. If that were the case then, women and men who were together but could not
create a child for one reason or another and adopted a child would not be considered a family.

You spew a lot of points in order to prove the point you wish to make at the expense of muddling
the facts and disproving the argument you wish to support.

That's why our society grows in it's thinking and it's laws - Because thinking becomes outmoded
when new situations prove that the old logic is flawed.

March 14, 2013

There is a line - If you can propose something without proof then you can negate it without proof.

Something like that - anyway.

I was watching all those people at the Vatican and they all had this look
of accomplishment and relief on their faces because a new pope was chosen.

Then I thought of all those people spending time praying and giving money to the church.

Then I thought, what is the difference between that and throwing a virgin into a volcano?

And you're right - that's just an opinion - but, religion is just an opinion, too.

The biggest waste I see right now are the people in the middle east who are killing each
other because they have some religious belief. They suppress women. They rape and
they blow themselves up and they even offer to pay money to kill people that make
cartoons using their religious leaders likeness.

It gets to a point where I can't see the sense of supporting the whole institution.

There is a thought that if we take all the money that is spent on war that we will be able to
feed all the poor in the world. Apply that same idea to the money given to all the religions of the world.
I would be willing to bet that the religions pull in more money that the war machines.

If people want to go to church it is their right to do so.
The same goes for those people who want to vote Republican't
Same idea but one or both ideas piss a lot of people off.

What's the answer?

Live and let live?

March 5, 2013

What goes on in the U.S. stays in the U.S. - Tough shit U.N.

As long as we don't export, what the heck.

We did a lot of "Respect for Women" seminars at work in the U.S.
which were quite successful but when we went to the U.K. to
promote the seminars they didn't see the need because they had
no problems over there.

If we are limited in our country's evolution by less progressive
countries we'll be living in the dark ages for hundreds of years to come.

Our mental evolution takes long enough as it is. Next we'll have to listen
to the middle-east tell us that we can't wear sleeveless t-shirts over here!

Aren't we the ones who are supposed to set an example for the rest of the world?
They can evolve with us or choose not - but they can't tell us how to vote and
what laws we decide to change.

March 4, 2013

It takes a college professor to get the point across....

I think that for every piece of legislature we need a group of professors to get together and hash out the pros and cons of the issue and then present a class to congress to filll them in on the main points of the issue.

We hire these asshats and they spew off for hours and get each other so confused that they
forget what the main issue is.

Then we can have a moderator (another professor or two or three) to oversee the congressional arguments and the moderators can point out the illogic and incorrect assumptions that are being
introduced to try and confuse the argument.

This will take more time but, at least, the process will move forward and the moronic illogic will be called
to attention and dealt with in stead of being allowed to fester in some idiot's brain as "the truth" and
the facts will be clearer to all.

We need to stop idiots from saying stupid things without anyone calling them on it!
It just confuses everyone and nothing ever gets accomplished.

February 25, 2013

"They" have been taught that they are born into the ruling class.

Everyone on the earth is here to make "their" lives more comfortable.

It's like the Queen ant and the workers.
The workers scurry around ready to give their lives for the safety of the queen.

We were so busy with our little lives that we didn't see "them" holding back
our salaries and promotions so they could divert the money to their own
bank accounts.

For 30 years we've been getting screwed and now it's too late for us to recoup our losses.

But the GOP is dying out and the masses will bring our country back into balance.

The Republican'ts may never win another election and after we get the gerrymandered districts back into
balance we will slowly evolve into a country that is better for everyone.

February 25, 2013

I'm tired - Let's get hard core

What if the courts said that there would be a stiff penalty for unethical misdeeds
and that there would be an amnesty period and people could come forward and
"confess" the dirty tricks that they knew about.

But only one person could get amnesty for each misconduct and the rest would get
a stiff penalty.

I'd bet there'd be a lot of individuals who would want to save their skin and their reputations
and become state's witness.

I am so tired of having all these dirty tricks exposed and then waiting for months for
the courts to get the evidence and then go thru court trials and then have corrupt
judges drop all the important charges and then these people get a slap on the hand.

Let's get some teeth in these courts and make people afraid to attempt to do these
anti-democratic, unethical maneuvers ti,e after time after time because they aren't afraid
of the consequences!

February 23, 2013

Why do people continue to vote to support corporate welfare?

The illogic of giving the wealthy more and more money needs to be explained
in very simple/understandable terms to the people who vote GOP.

The logic of giving back the middle class salaries that have been stolen over
the past 30 years needs to be explained in very simple and understandable terms.

Even the Republican't party platform shows that they are just trying to impose
their religious beliefs on the rest of the country.
May they Rest In Peace...quickly

Freedom of personal choice is where the balance is!
Live and let live.
"You live the way I want you to live" - is not Democracy

The logic of slow/evolutionary change to better people's lives is the goal.

The history of the era of the robber baron is what we need to learn from
And the failure of the "Trickle-Down Theory" is what we need to learn from.

The illegality of bribery from lobbyists needs to be stopped
Our Congress is bought.

The misappropriation of corporate funds to buy elections is absurd!
Our Supreme Court is bought.

The Republican't run states that are gerrymandering and blocking the vote
need to be corrected. The fact that they don't even try to hide their hurtfull
manipulations of the system should immediately be outlawed by the judicial
branch - but where are they? Where are the ethics committees?

If our current form of government had been proposed back in 1776
we never would have tried to break away from England.

What a mess!

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