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War in Ukraine generates interest in nuclear energy, despite danger

European nations are weighing climate benefits against the perils of putting nuclear power plants in harm’s way...

The war in Ukraine has intensified interest across Europe in building new nuclear energy plants or extending the lives of old ones to liberate the continent from its heavy reliance on Russian oil and natural gas.

Belgium... The Czech Republic... Poland... [Romania] “They’re all doing it for the same reasons: decarbonization, energy security and national security,” said Westinghouse’s energy systems business.

WaPo, No Paywall: https://wapo.st/3jJYuS8

North American Trades Women's Delegation

An acquaintance of mine, a young woman who is a union carpenter, shared this with me, and asked me to share it with others:


"Help me send Cindy Frank to London for the North American Trades women's delegation! Cindy has been a union carpenter since 1979 and would provide a wealth of knowledge and experience to the discussions of this delegation. The goal of this delegation is to build transnational solidarity among women working in trades, learn about lives and working conditions of tradeswomen in other parts of the world, to share best practices for women gaining access to careers in the trades, and continue growing the international network of tradeswomen."

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