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Member since: Sun Jun 5, 2011, 07:28 PM
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Boycott Overstock!!!

A very apolitical friend of mine called my attention to this article and suggested that We boycott overstock. To encourage her, I told her I would bring up the idea on a political forum. I'm hoping to get a lot of recs in order to encourage her!


A former Trump administration aide and a leader with a pro-Trump Christian group are helping Patrick Byrne, the multimillionaire Overstock founder and ex-CEO, run a nonprofit that has pushed false election conspiracy claims, according to a filing reviewed by CNBC.

Byrne, who was also longtime CEO of online furniture retailer Overstock, has an estimated net worth of about $75 million, according to data compiled by Celebrity Net Worth. Earlier this year, he self-published a book called “The Deep Rig: How Election Fraud Cost Donald J. Trump the White House


Seen on Facebook...

... posted without comment.

• My Alma Mater profiles student-athlete.
• The Weizmann Institute of Science wants me to donate.
• The Art Museum has some interesting stockings they think I might like to hang by the chimney.
• Salon reports DC National Guardsman accusing Mike Flynn’s brother of lying. Also seen on DU
• Quip about scamming people on line. IRONY, poster was scammed trying to scam, LOL!
• Friend posted her new art work.
• Company wants me to invest in their robot enterprise.
• Museum posts interesting picture by 19th century protographer of the middle east.
• Friend wishes friend happy birthday with a very large glass of something intoxicating.
• ACLU advocates for race and gender discussion in school.
• Friend posts news article about stolen antiquiies being returned. Also seen on DU.
• A right-wing religious institution of higher learning wants to restore truth about 1776 to K-12 history curriculum.
• High school chum posts picture of early 60s basketball team.
• Some news organization thinks it’s cool that a local was selected to be a NASA astronaut.
• A friend thinks Iceland is realy great and wants me to vist. With snowmobile video!
• Friend shares quip about wasting time on YouTube.
• The Trevor Project wants to hear from me about my experience as a LGBTQ teenager. However, I don’t qualify to participate.
• A friend wishes happy Hanukkah / second Sunday of advent. He’s an academic philosophy professor in the deep, deep south.
• A quote from Aldous Huxley about the advent of pharmacological dictatorship. The doors of perception, or misdirection?
• Friend posts snapshot of sunset. Others follow suit.
• Friend posts latest art work.
• T-Mobile wants me to subscribe.
• Friend says “Fuck Jeff Bezos” and insists he DOES NOT want to guillotine billionaires.
• Friend brags that St. Louis is called the 2nd most sinful city. Wants St. Louis to up its game and go for number one.
• Law firm wants me to sue Monsanto for inflicting me with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.
• AP reports looted Gilgamesh tablet returned to Iraq. Think this was on DU also.
• Friend posts video about rude woman on airplane experiencing instant karma.

And other such trivia.
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