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During Nixion's Last Year in Office...

I've read over the years that during Nixon's last year in office, as he was going off the rails, he would call for hair-brained bombing missions and other military actions to be taken, often while drunk. The generals would put him off by telling him the weather wasn't right at the time, and that they would start the planning process. Then they would do nothing, and he would forget about it... until the next episode.

I don't recall anyone complaining that they were "subverting democracy" or that they should have acted with "honor" and resign. My impression is that it was understood that they were in a tight spot and they did what they had to do.

I recall a discussion on NPR a few months ago between two foreign policy experts who were both dismayed that Trump did not seem to understand the full consequences of initiating a nuclear exchange. That this would be an existential threat to all human kind. One of them stated that in extremis he hopped that legal means could be found for stopping him. The reply was "any means" and he had to agree.

My opinion is that those around Dotard 45 should be doing what they can to prevent him from doing what he might. And an "honorable resignation" isn't necessarily an effective action to take, especially if you are not a top tier cabinet member. If you resigned and wrote a letter to the editor, you would be quickly replaced and forgotten. If you were to write an anonymous expose for the New Your Times, you might have something of a positive impact.

Bless his / her pointed little head.
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