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Turn OFF Fox News !!!!

A couple years ago Color of Change started a campaign to Turn Off Fox News, and sent out bumper stickers. Actually, they were about the right size to palm and sort of covertly slap onto a public TV screen. (But that would be wrong.)

Since then, whenever I'm in a public place and Fox News is on, I ask for the channel to be changed, and basically all the time, the employees are happy to oblige. I usually ask for CNN.

So, this happens every time I go to the local Burger King. Fox is always on and I always get it flipped. But Friday they were already tuned into CNN and the breaking news was Muller's Russian indictments. I was going over some eMails, but keeping my ear on the development. Then I hear a loud, obnoxious voice instructing one of the employees to turn the channel to.... FOX.

I turned to him and said, excuse me, but I'm listening to the broadcast. He pointed out (loud and not polite) that I was reading my eMail - I told him I'm a multi-itasker, and that the news is an important development. He scoffed and (yes, loud and not polite) "well enjoy your fake news". I answered that it is journalism, not fake news. Just then CNN displayed its logo and announced "First, The Facts".

He sat down next to me, but when I didn't budge, he picked up his tray and headed to other side of the room. All along the way he kept blathering out loud that he was a friend of the owner, that the owner liked Fox news, and he was going to talk to the owner about this! So I said, equally loud, that I wanted to talk to the owner also. I got out my flip phone and walked over to his table and told him I would give him my phone number so he could pass it on to the owner and the owner could give me a call. This startled him and he told me to stay away from his table. I let him know that he was the one who cried out "fake news" and I just answered; he was the one who threatened to "talk to the owner" and I just answered. I told him that if didn't have anything more to say, I wouldn't have anything more to say - but if he did, I would.

That shut him up. He finished his meal in silence and left.


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