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Bit Player Bernie, or...

Bit player Sanders poised to become Senate force


senator risks frittering away that newfound clout, Democratic senators said Wednesday, if he doesn’t move soon to unite the party and train his fire on Donald Trump

The lawmakers said they’re disturbed that Sanders hasn’t more forcefully repudiated the behavior of his supporters in Nevada last weekend. Sanders backers threw chairs, shouted down Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) and threatened a state party chairwoman — raising the specter of similar ugliness at the Democratic National Convention in July.

“I appreciate that he’s going to continue to stay defiant, but the fact is Hillary Clinton’s going to win the nomination. Is he going to support her and campaign for her, or is he going to help elect Donald Trump?”

“What I’ve seen I don’t think has been adequate,... As a candidate, you can come out very strongly against that violence stuff, and that would be the right thing for Bernie to do.”

“He’s doing what he thinks is right. I think he should speak out more about what went on in Nevada. But he decided, obviously, not to do that.”

“Does Bernie Sanders have a right to continue? Absolutely he does; he can do whatever he wants to do .... but for me, I just see real dangers coming down the pike, and I would hope he’d be aware of that.”

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