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Member since: Thu Jun 2, 2011, 08:31 PM
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Re: SmartNews

Reporters can report both sides but a journalist looks to see which is correct and then reports that one.

If one side says itís raining and another says itís dry, a journalist looks out the window.

Lawrence O'Donnell

Why is Lawrence working so hard to help the White House find the author of the article?

Politics IS partisan

If the Democratic Party will not get fully partisan now, it will be dead to me in November.

Itís time to go fully scorched-earth, nice-be-damned, stop everything, blatantly, openly, politically partisan. ď...we go highĒ was nice, but that ship just sailed.

Metal detectors in schools? $? Easy!

$100 surcharge on every gun. $1 surcharge on every bullet.
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