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Whiskeytide's Journal
Whiskeytide's Journal
August 2, 2023

What's all the uproar about? It must be ...

… the non-stop coverage of Hunter Biden on FO卐 news. That some cutting edge, topical reporting right there.

What? There something else going on in the news? Really?

June 9, 2023

NOT President Тяцмp. I think one of my favorite ...

… things about the indictment is that it refers to shitgibbon initially as “Donald J Тяцмp”, and then simply as “Тяцмp” or “the Defendant” throughout the filing.

And although it mentions that he was the 45th President of the US, not once does it refer to him as “President Тяцмp“.

January 4, 2023

Did Boebert just say that Rep Donald "can communicate ...

… what we want to do to the American people”?

WTF do they want to do to us?

December 13, 2022

So, what exactly did Jason Miller mean by " We need ...

to start mobilizing our real-deal allies” in his text to Mark Meadows in the run up to Jan 6?

He was texting about coordinating with Mo Brooks and their strategy for the EC count. Here’s the relevant part of the text:

“This may not surprise you, but no one from the legal team has made contact with them at all. They request examples of fraud, numbers, names, whatever supporting evidence can be provided. We’ve now supplied that, but our legal squad isn’t exactly buttoned up. I bring this up for a simple reason – if we’re hoping to move real numbers on the 6th, I think we need to quickly start mobilizing our real-deal allies. I’m ready to go, I have bodies to help, will follow your lead”

(Emphasis added)

Maybe I’m putting on a tinfoil hat, but isn’t that an odd phrase to use? Perhaps he’s just referring to using members of his staff (“I have bodies to help”) to recruit more Congress members? Maybe he’s saying they need real lawyers (“our legal squad isn’t exactly buttoned up”). His stated goal is to “move numbers” on J6. What numbers? How were they planning to do that with “real-deal allies?

I suspect the J6 committee looked into this, but I’d like to know what his explanation was. And I’d like to know how Meadows responded.

Edited to add the link to the AL.com article.

July 22, 2022

How much giggling and joking do you ...

… think the committee and staffers did putting together the Hawley scene? I’d have loved to have been there.

June 16, 2022

The REAL takeaway from the Loudermilk video ...

… is that this irredeemable piece of disloyal shit reflexively lied about giving the tour, and did so blatantly and without a shred of shame nor regard for the consequences. His sorry ass should be reassigned to Siberia.

May 26, 2022

So - Republicans will do NOTHING? Again. Then paste ...

… that sick shit all over them. Pass a SIMPLE, stand alone background check bill in the house. Today. No riders or amendments. And no over-reach. It CAN’t have any other shit in it!!! Straight up and straight forward background check law. Bring it up for a vote in the Senate and let them vote against it.

Then pass one requiring a strict permit requirement for the purchase or possession of high capacity magazines. Call ‘em “school children slaughtering magazines”. Call the bill the “school children protection from bullets’ bill.

Then one that imposes stiff penalties on gun sellers who sell guns to people with known mental illness.

Then one that makes the minimum age 21.

Etc., etc.

Simple, stand alone bills that 70%+ Americans agree with. The key here is to keep our own wish list stuff out of these bills. Don’t give them reasons to oppose them, or ammo for FO࿖ News to spin.

And the paint the assholes with their no votes.

May 5, 2022

Alabama lawmakers claim LGBTQ school bathrooms are an 'issue', ...

“The push to stop Alabama students from using a bathroom that doesn’t correspond with their sex assigned at birth came from Alabama schools themselves, according to the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Scott Stadthagen, R-Hartselle.”

“But AL.com has been unable to verify Stadthagen’s claims that “almost every single school district in this state is dealing with this issue with opposite genders wanting to use opposite bathrooms.”

“ Stadthagen has not responded to AL.com’s repeated requests for comment or to explain which schools had faced issues.”

“Stadthagen declined to name specific schools, saying he didn’t advise naming names.“

“He declined to name any schools when pushed by a member of the House education policy committee for specifics.“

“AL.com has been unable to locate the principal Stadthagen mentioned or verify his claim.“

“Stadthagen claimed that boys have raped girls multiple times in school bathrooms. During the committee hearing, he declined to name any specific cases of this happening in Alabama, or any examples of transgender students attacking other students.“


Stadthagen is obviously playing to stupid people, but shouldn’t they be offended that he thinks they’re THAT stupid?

December 14, 2021

I'm not a politician or a media ...

… talking head. But how common is it for Fox celebrities to have the WH Chief of Staff’s cell phone contact? Maybe that’s not weird, but it kinda feels weird.

September 10, 2021

The Department of Labor should offer ...

… a $10,000 bounty to whistleblowers who turn in businesses that fail to comply with the new vaxx requirement. I’m in Alabama. I’d be wealthy in 6 months.

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