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Member since: Sat May 7, 2011, 01:06 PM
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RNC to solicit bids for the Romney-2012 General Election microcode enhancement.

The Republican National Committee is seeking detailed design plans for the Romney-2012 General Election microcode upgrade.

Required enhancements include but are not limited to….
• Re-writing the planned parenthood, “that’s_got_ to_ go” messaging sub system.
• Strengthen user interface code in areas of usability and accessibility.
• Performance improvements in the Obamacare removal sub routines.
• Additional function added to the ‘tea bag’ emulation feature.
• Firewall option to protect against the ‘Cat Scratch Fever’ virus.
• Greater utilization of the Ann_Romney-2012 sub function.

Problem areas in current code implantation that must be addressed in this release are as follows.
• Hang detect condition involving strapping family pets to car top.
• Removal of all messages pertaining to ‘family jokes’ involving factory closings.
• Endless loop where candidate continually repeats the phrase, “the trees are just the right height”.
• Fatal embrace condition when interfacing with the Paul_Ryan-2020 sub function.

The Romney-2012 is a proven, state of the art, next in line, hardware configuration. No major hardware alterations are in plan with the possible exception of darkening hair color to make candidate more visually appealing.

All bids/design plans must be submitted on or before 8/30/2012.
Any hidden/surprise functions that will activate after 10/01/2012 should be noted.
Bids/Designs are to be submitted to the Republican National Committee.
In care of Karl Rove.


Feeding time as the herd gathers around the alpha male.....

Got to love it!

Apparently the freerepublic website and those known as freepers led by its dictator Jim Robinson are intent on defeating Romney and throwing their support to Obama because they do not perceive Romney as conservative enough. It is people like that who will help to reelect Obama in a close election. These folks are blind fanatics driven by a lot of misinformation and anti mormon propaganda. Hundreds have left that website because of Robinson's anti Romney stand. If we lose a close one you can blame Jim Robinson and his band of screwballs.


Shutting down to clean 'nose coffee' out of keyboard.
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