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Member since: Sat May 7, 2011, 01:06 PM
Number of posts: 3,539

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Dude. Is this a real union website? ...

I am not firmilar with them but...........
I could make those numbers anything I want from here with no hack tools.
Just IE-8 and my fingers!
If they are real and they do any serious polling....
It might be good to tell them about this hack.

Note even as nutz as birthers are I can't believe the split would be about 50 50.

Go ahead and vote as many times as you want.....

Refreshing the page won't let you do it. I'm not going to tell freepers how.
If you're on this page you can easley figer it out.

Just think Tab bycat

It must be spring; or an election year…

It must be spring in the Rockies. I used yesterdays balmy tempuras to clean up the patio. Rake some leaves, move some flag stone around. Out from under a rock crawled one of those Republic of Boulder gray spiders. Darn thing was huge and aggressive even though half asleep, and ugly to boot. Ahaaa but it’s spring, you expect gosh awful things to crawl out from under rocks.

It’s also an election year and so it’s not surprising that after four years in hibernation one might expect nastyassed, venomous bloggers to crawl out from under their rock.
As such, I give you Larry Sinclare…

Sandra Fluke…Will The Real Sandra Fluke Please Stand Up
By Staffwriter
For those of you that don’t remember Larry Sinclare his web page says it best….

LarrySinclair.org & LarrySinclair.com has gone from reporting allegations of gay sex and drug use by Barack Obama in 1999 to reporting Political, Legal, Health and Social news in a way that readers find refreshing in a time where so many “mainstream” media organizations choose to censor stories and report only those stories which promote the medias own views & interest.

Any similarity between Larry Sinclare and a wolf spider is purely coincidental. (my comment)

I’d like to share a link to Larry Sinclares Wickpieda entry unfortunately in the words of one of our red footed friends….

My buddy told me that he was listed in there but then he was deleted? My buddy told me that the "Barack Obama fact police" deleted this entry.

We’ll just have to settle for his Metapedia entry…

Lawrence Wayne Sinclair (born September 26, 1961) also Larry Sinclair (his name was legally changed to La-Rye A. Silvas, and La-Rye Vizcarra Avila and then back to his birth name), is a convicted felon for crimes of forgery, bad checks and theft by check.


Ah yes. Another Andrew Bretibart wannabe. Sure and hell that he would crawl out from under his rock in an election year.

Do feel free to contact the Vogons.
Larry could use some good poetry.

What was that about "is it republican or is it satire"...



I sware; I did not write this.

Breitbart conspiracy theories exposed.

After extensive research with the assistance of the cold beer posse I am now capable of dispelling the numerous conspiracy theories surrounding the death of Andrew Breitbart.

It appears that Charles and David Koch had entered an extremely lucrative business arrangement involving the destruction of the planet Earth to make way for a new Pan galactic strip mine.

Learning the details of this arrangement Breitbart was about to break the story on his web page. In keeping with the republican tradition of using upbeat titles such as No Child Left Behind or A woman’s right to know, in true Frank Luntz fashion , Breitbart was to use the head line.

Republican enegery plan eliminates unemployment.

As this premature announcement would have severely impacted the investments of various Vogon capital groups it was decided to delay the article by exposing Breitbart to a performance of Vogon poetry, a sample of which appears here…


Unfortunately, as we know excessive exposure to Vogon poetry may have fatal results.

Getting word of this business venture the white mice, earth’s most intelligent inhabitants, protested vigorously.
Having been denied a hearing before a republican controlled senate committee, the white mice collation perused other means to expose the story.

It has been rumored that in order to boaster public opinion for the pan galactic strip mine project the Vogons employed the services of Rush Limbaugh to repeatedly portray white mice as a form of feminine hygiene product. The new term mouseanatzi was hoped to become a common household word.

When asked during an interview what effect the pan galactic strip mine project might have on the upcoming presidential election, a spokesman for the white mice gave the following answer.


Does anyone have any experience with SSD drives.....

I am currently thinking.
Crucial M4 CT064M4SSD2 2.5" 64GB SATA III
This would be part of a system upgrade.
I know 64GB sounds a bit small however it's a 'big open field' compaired to a 36GB WD raptor.
System would start life Win XP Pro 32 bit. The old MB / Processor will become a LINUX playground so depending on how that works out the new system may migrate to Win 7 or wait for Win 8. If Win 7 is anything like Vista it may be time to learn some new tricks.
The drive would hold the OS, apps, paging and such. As in current system 'work' areas will remain on 72GB WD raptor.
Any thoughts?

Across the table from a mad man.

You look into the persons eyes. You mark their facial expressions. You note their body language.
And you're the one that has to explain to this person that the legacy of their project is total garbage.

In memory of Andrew Breitbart.

Mudding the waters to clear things up. Records retention.

I really don't want to give Sheriff Joe and his Pus_eeee any bright ideas but this is after all the 'digital' age.
In terms of physical space and cost, electronic records, are far safer and more effective than warehousing paper.
It would be logical for a municipality to 'scan in' Birth and Death certificates and retain only the data.
Unlike paper digital images can easel be stored at multiple locations for the sake of disaster recovery.
Yes, this means that President Obamas official birth certificate may only exist as ones and zeros.
Naturally you need to control that sort of thing. Follows is just one approach to record retention.
Each business may have it's own polices. Each State may have it's own polices. The federal government has it's own polices.
If you back up you're PC YOU have a record retention policy!
So..... If not just to wine, carry on and spue hate; why all the fuss about Obamas birth certificate.
Someplace like this might quickly resolve the whole issue.
Although you might need to be a law enforsment offical to obtain records other than you're own.
A Sheriff might qualify for that.

I’m darn tired about hearing about Mr. Rick’s sex life or pious lack there of.

First off I hope this writing does not offend anyone who’s religious beliefs are stronger than mine. It has been my experience that those who act most pious, who loudly proclaim a love of their god in public places and who admonish people to fear their loving god are the most dispicapable creatures I have encountered. People who hide their own evil behind a mask of holiness.
Mister Rick is not a priest seeking to become the Bishop of New York. He is not a Cardinal hoping to see if it is he who is chosen to bring forth white smoke from the Vatican chimney. He is a Politian seeking the office of President of the United States. A Politian first and foremost. We need to part the smokescreen of social piety and evaluate Mr. Rick as what he is. A Politian.
Mr. Rick served as a United States Senator representing Pennsylvania from 1995 to 2007, let’s look at some of his accomplishments.
Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington names Mr. Rick one of the three “most corrupt” Senators in 2006.
Let’s see their are 100 senators and Mr. Rick comes in third in the most corrupt list. Nice Job! You have to wonder why Mr. Rick is against big government. It’s nice when you are a Senator to have friends like AccuWeather to lend you a helping hand here and there.
From Slate.
Guess that just goes to prove that Big government, I need hardly add, is an unholy lumbering giant that’s "overly intrusive and burdensome."
Then of course theirs that problem every home owner and parent faces of trying to figure out what School District they belong to.
From the Pittsburg TribLive.
Easy answer. You belong to whatever School district will foot the $100,000 bill to cover online charter school tuition for your children. Not theft of services or fraud at all.
Naturally, being a good Christian Mr. Rick stopped billing the school district and all was forgiven; even the moneys all ready contributed to the education of Mr. Ricks children.
Things however do not always work that way in these situations.
From NPR, Mother Jailed For School Fraud.
“And there are also those who believe, as the judge in this case said, that a strong deterrent to the practice of kids enrolling out of their neighborhoods is justified in these tough economic times”.
I guess Kelley Williams-Bolar didn’t have Mr. Ricks speaking ability or approached the situation with somewhat of a Bla... attitude.
Let’s move on to Personal Responsibility. When you say something in public you own it. You stand by it, or if you misspoke you still own up to it with an apology. I would have to give Mr. Rick a D- in this area.
In a script worthy of any Abbot and Costello routine we have Mr. Ricks now famous back track on food stamps and Black people. Or was it Bla….people. A very nice summation was given by TheRoot and can be found here.
Thow shall not bare true witness against thyself.
If there is one thing Mr. Rick prides himself on, of late, it is his desire to reduce the size of government. It goes without saying that making Washington, DC as inconsequential to your lives as possible will not only make government more efficient but will limit government’s intrusion into people’s every days lives. Appraise a man not by his words, but by his deeds.
Barring unnecessary wars, this brings me to what I consider one of the most disgraceful misuses
of power by elected officials in recent history, and Mr. Ricks roll in it.
Terri Schiavo.
First let me point out that Mr. Rick is at best a lawyer. Mr. Rick holds no medical degrees of any type or at least if he did he has not placed it in his Biography.
Gallantly however Mr. Rick chose to expend considerable ‘personal’ resources in this matter. Yes; I know you have heard this all before however it may be interesting to review in light of Mr. Ricks current political ambitions. Charles Pierce of Esquire has done an excellent job in that area. A good read in any event.
We could go on like this for quite some time however I’ll leave that to the reader. A quick Google search gives countless examples. Just avoid the first few search hits. Look past the clown hat to see the insiginifent ‘rooster’ spewing self rigouts and self serving hate, while hiding in the shadow of his own god.
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