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Member since: Mon May 2, 2011, 05:01 PM
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Do It Yourself Hint # 2-

If you can get them-ALWAYS use torx (6-lobed) screws for all things.
Why?--the bits last forever. They work with minimal effort.
You can actually get the screws back out if you need to.
You can drive hundreds of these things without changing bit--really!
Initially, we had flathead screws invented by misanthropes.
Then--Phillips head screws suck--apparently, no matter how far up the mohs hardness scale my phillips bit is--the flimsiest crappy aluminum screw can strip it clean.
Square drive screws were invented by Irwin-who makes expensive bits that drive these things(I made that up), ensuring consistent sales.
Enter the torx.

My drill will stop turning before these shit out. If I need to replace a bit, I do so in shame, knowing I fucked up.

To my knowledge, you can still not get drywall screws in this form. Most others are available this way and are worth the money.
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