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discntnt_irny_srcsm's Journal
discntnt_irny_srcsm's Journal
March 19, 2016

No one seeks to find tyrannical governments

It is when such governments find you that some decisions become necessary. I note from history that the US revolution in the 18th century did not begin until a protracted sequence of abuses and abrogations of colonist's rights had occurred. It is always that way with tyranny. It's only when common folks recognize that they have not much future in continuing under the existing system that revolution is accepted.

There will always be a balance to be struck between the general degree of freedom and the burden of government needed to help those who can't help themselves. In recognizing, the basic need of medical help everyone, the ACA brings an aspect of safety those who've fallen on hard times. As many members have noted here on DU, this system is not perfect and is mostly just a first step but it's a good one.

JFK said: "By calling attention to 'a well regulated militia,' 'the security of the nation,' and the right of each citizen 'to keep and bear arms,' our founding fathers recognized the essentially civilian nature of our economy... The Second Amendment still remains an important declaration of our basic civilian-military relationships in which every citizen must be ready to participate in the defense of his country. For that reason I believe the Second Amendment will always be important."

One of the keys to government respect for the individual is that its armed agents view themselves as fellow citizens. The RKBA places the average person on the same level (of armament) with a soldier or a murderer. The type of weapon is not as important as equality the right delivers.

There will not be an engagement (or at least maybe only a very few) between our current government's military and our people. The equalizing factor of the RKBA is a foundation for that equality. It is not so much the prospect of tactical success as it is the premise for the current serviceman to view himself as a common citizen.

An infantryman will take a station because of his commitment to do his duty. But, more than his duty or his country, an infantryman will fight for his own life and lives of his brothers around him.

Everyone who serves in the military has accepted that his country may place him in harm's way. I can't see myself taking aim at such a fellow countrymen nor can I accept the idea that a fellow countryman, so prepared to chance his safety for the rest of us, will ever take aim at me.

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That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed... AND The one pervading evil of democracy is the tyranny of the majority, or rather of that party, not always the majority, that succeeds.

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