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Member since: Sun Mar 20, 2011, 12:05 PM
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Is Orange County screwing with Dems' ballots to block a supermajority?

According to the LA Times, Dems' chance to retake the state house as a supermajority rests on two contested seats:: Solorio v. Nguyen in Orange County and Chavez v. Vidak in the Central Valley.


I've been voting by mail-in ballot for over 10 years in Orange County --always as a registered Democrat. My ballot has always come at least a month before the election. Here it is October 19 and I still don't have my ballot. This has never happened before. My husband, who is a registered Independent, got his ballot several weeks ago. I did receive the Sample Ballot booklet when my husband got his. Both booklets tell us we are registered as a mail-in ballot voter and we must vote using our mail-in ballot; we can't go to a voting booth.

So I call the Orange County Registrar of Voters on Friday and the clerk says a lot of people have been calling about late ballots. I point out my husband, who lives at the same address as me, has had his ballot for several weeks. She says yes, she's been hearing about a lot of those kind of situations. She tells me the best thing to do is just for her to re-register me for an absentee ballot so that she can send me out another ballot. And she says I called just in time because Monday October 20 is the deadline to request an absentee ballot. Then she tells me I will also receive a Declaration I must sign promising I won't vote both ballots if I end up getting both in the mail. But, she tells me the Declaration must be mailed back separately. Now I'm waiting for my replacement ballot and this Declaration to sign. This whole process sounds screwy.

Is anyone else here an OC Dem who still hasn't gotten their ballot? This delay seems really fishy to me. Or am I being paranoid?

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