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Ronald Gilbert Murder: Calif. doctor fatally shot in exam room; suspect in custody

(CBS/AP) NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. - A California doctor was fatally shot Monday in an examination room of an Orange County medical office and the man who police believe shot him was taken into custody in the same room without a struggle, authorities said.

The victim was identified as 52-year-old urologist Ronald Gilbert, who was shot multiple times in the upper chest and was pronounced dead at the scene, CBS Los Angeles reports. The suspect was reportedly a former patient of Gilbert's a few years ago.

Newport Beach police spokeswoman Kathy Lowe told The Associated Press that several 911 calls reported six or seven shots fired at the medical office near Hoag Hospital in Orange County.

Lowe said officers found a man dead from gunshot wounds in a patient examination room. Police took into custody another man in the room who they believe shot the victim.


This incredible doctor was a family friend; his loving wife and small children have been robbed of him. The horror of this murder, and gun violence in general, is just too much to bear.

Phil Mickelson regrets airing opinion on taxes

Phil Mickelson says he should have kept his opinions on taxes to himself.

Mickelson had suggested "drastic changes" were in store for him because of changes in federal and state taxes that he says tap into more than 60 percent of his income. He said it was the reason behind his decision not to be part of the new ownership group of the San Diego Padres.

Mickelson says in a statement that finances and taxes are personal and he should not have publicized his complaints. He's apologizing to anyone insulted by his comments and says he won't let that happen again.

The San Diego native is to hold a news conference Wednesday at Torrey Pines.



Cliff-notes version: Phil Mickelson regrets exposing himself as an ignorant douchebag.

So my 3rd-grade son asked me if there are any crazy people with guns near us.

His school has not mentioned Newtown. The shootings happened right after his elementary school closed for a 3-week Christmas break. When school resumed, the teachers did not talk about it with the kids. However, the kids know about it and have questions. Like my son, who wants to know if it can happen at his school. He knows that some "crazy man" shot a bunch of kids and teachers to death. What he doesn't know is if can happen at his school.

My son was watching President Obama on TV tonight talking about banning assault weapons and he was shocked that they were even legal. "Are there any crazy people with those guns near us?" he asked me. I said, "we live in very safe area. This happened clear on the other side of the country. Nothing bad has ever happened at your school. No one here would do such a thing. And the man who killed those kids is dead. He can't hurt anyone anymore." That seemed to satisfy him, as he said, "good" and went to bed. I know it was not the best answer, but I wanted to say something reassuring so he would not have nightmares.

It is outrageous that our kids should be worrying about someone blowing them away. It is unbearable that their fears are well-founded.

California Health Exchange Plan Approved By Feds

California received conditional approval from the federal government Thursday to establish a health care exchange, meaning residents will soon be able to compare insurance plans at competitive prices.

California is among seven states that received the go-ahead from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to operate its own health insurance exchange, one of the provisions under President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act. The goal of the exchange is to create what federal officials call a direct-to-consumer market.
Those who may qualify for federal tax subsidies and credits to help buy health insurance include those with incomes between 133 and 400 percent of the federal poverty level, and businesses with fewer than 50 employees. Coverage will begin in 2014.
For families earning up to $92,000 per year, a government subsidy will be available to help pay for that coverage.

For more information on Covered California and the California Health Benefit exchange, go to www.healthexchange.ca.gov.


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