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I listened to Romney's speech so you didn't have to.

In a nutshell:

He never "introduced himself" to the American people like they said he would. Instead, he talked about his dad getting a rose for his mom every day---which is how she discovered he died: she found no rose and went looking for him. Mitt actually choked up saying that.

Then he started in with the $716B cut to medicare lie and that things are not any better today than when Obama was elected lie, etc., etc.

Than he promised he would create 12 million jobs with his "5 point plan" which consisted of nothing but Republican platitudes: 1) School vouchers instead of funding education; 2) drill baby drill; 3) cut regulations and cut taxes for "job creators" (the rich); 4) cut the debt (doesn't specify how); and 5)repeal and replace Obamacare (but does not specify with what).

And that's it. No details, no insight into Romney the man (other than that he may have daddy issues).

It was a big ol' bucket of fail.

Romney-Ryan strategy: Resurrect the "death panels" lie.

And with hundreds of millions in Koch and Adelson PAC money, they have the resources to keep repeating that lie until people believe it. We have a lot of work ahead of us. As unlikeable as the Romney-Ryan ticket is, we must not rest. From this morning's paper:

In Florida, Paul Ryan warns of Medicare rationing under Obama plan

THE VILLAGES, Fla. -- Escalating the campaign fight over Medicare, Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan warned an audience of Florida seniors Saturday that changes to the program made by President Obama's healthcare plan will lead to rationing of care for the elderly. Ryan made the charge during a campaign stop at the largest retirement community in Florida, the state with the nation’s biggest proportion of seniors and the 2012 battleground with the most electoral votes.

Campaigning with his diminutive, 78-year-old mother at his side, Ryan tore into a provision of Obama’s healthcare law that would give an independent federal panel authority to rein in Medicare spending if the program grows too fast. The board’s recommendations would take effect unless Congress acted to change them.

Obama “puts a board of 15 unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats in charge of Medicare who are required to cut Medicare in ways that will lead to denied care for current seniors,” Ryan said.


Capital gains should be taxed HIGHER than labor.

All this repuke talk about the how the poor don't know that value of work is nothing but projection. It is the repukes who don't value work. They want to tax work income at 30%, while taxing capital gains (where you get money without lifting a finger) at ZERO. The unfairness is mind boggling.

If anything, labor should be taxed at a lower rate, because it is a diminishing asset, so to speak. We can only provide so many years of labor, then we can't work anymore. Then we die. Life is short and most people, if they could, would spend their limited time here on earth hanging out with their loved ones or seeing the world, engaging in hobbies, etc. Work, in general (particularly low wage work), sucks. So why further discourage work by taxing it many times more than other forms of income? And most people who have to work for a living need every dime they make for the basics. Therefore, they spend everything they make, which is way more stimulative to the economy (70% of the economy is based on consumer spending).

Capital gains, on the other hand, are generated by money --and money does not die. It lives forever and can continue generating capital gains forever. Plus, the rich people who get these gains just stash it away. Relatively little of it is spent on consumer goods to drive the economy. The rich already have all they need. Their spending is discretionary. Why would you tax capital gains at a lower rate if it does not boost the economy like labor income? (Rhetorical question--I know it is because the rich rule congress and are money hoarders).
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