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Michael Eric Dyson: Half Blast 5:57, Full Blast 9:05 -- White Supremacy By Ventriloquism

My favorite part of Dyson's analysis is at 10:40, when Dyson answers:

I miss the old Kanye that wrote about crack music;
I miss the old Kanye who agreed with Professor Muhammad at Harvard, who writes about the condemnation of blackness;
I miss the old Kanye who understood that we are dealing with serious insidious forces that undermine us,
The Kanye who joined Jay Z to talk about black excellence and the quest of black excellence and how it's being roadblocked;
I miss the Kanye who loved Tupac, and who said just the other day, "I got lynched by some crooked cops, and to this day those same cops on the beat gettin' major pay, when I get my check they takin' tax out, we payin the cops to knock ' the blacks out".

I miss that Kanye who brings high intelligence.... there are ways in which hip hop can serve as a useful forum to articulate valuable ideas that people of color find resonant in the application to our situation.

Right now, this Kanye is a Kanye who is Kanye Mess, not Kanye West, not Kanye at his best and that's the real tragedy for my dear friend and great artist.

Trump and McConnell don't know mobs from citizens.

Citizens' thinking rules their emotions.
Citizens’ thinking comes from multiple experts who are AN authority on their topics and subjects — i.e., climate change; counting anything; fact-based history; fact-based truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Citizens assemblies are their own.

Mobs' emotions rule their thinking.
Mobs’ emo thinking comes from a central leader’s mantras, repeated by the mob — i.e., “ build that wall!” “Mexico!” "lock her up!” “drill, baby, drill”.
Their leader stands IN authority, revs up mobs with mantra chants, plays to victim feelings with claims like, “climate change is a hoax;” “ alt-facts are as good as libtard facts;” “confederate history,” “lock her up!"

Citizens go for win-win compromise, a new testament ethic which includes "rehab" and "reintegration back into society” through support networks.

Mobs go for win-lose no-compromise, old testament eye-for-an-eye ethic which includes "deserved" poverty, punishment and stigmatizing exclusion, with no support network but church.

Citizens' politics is open, informed, free to express differences, guided by rule of law; no one is punished by death for their words or protest actions.

Mobs' politics is closed, based on belief systems from holy books, guided by religious and demagogic leaders who punish by the letter of the law, but who themselves are above the law. Legal punishment by death is part of mob politics.

In law and order democracy, when crises come up, citizens err on the side of rule of law and lawyers -- democracy.

Mobs err on the side of rule by order and force -- fascism.

Russia is that final straw. Citizens will never stand for America's laws being dictated by Russia or its tools. Citizens' would rather fight to kick Russians, and Russian influence, out.

Mobs would rather have the "wrong and strong" rule of Russia. Mobs say, “Get over it,” “Grow up," “Get used to it.”

Citizens won't wait for mobs to come to their senses.


Taylor (I'ma-Let-You-Finish) Swift Gets Better With Age

I'm with her.

Force 200,143 Rape Kit Tests -- Unindicted Male Rapists Outnumber Women Liars

Rape is not just women's problem. Or even their "credibility problem."

Rape AND its institutionalized coverup, is a criminal problem of men.

To women and male allies: Do not wait -- do not wait -- for the statutes of limitation to make raped women's evidence moot.

Prosecutors in every state must be dragged into courts to explain why 200,143 rape kits have been stockpiled, untested for years. Raped women's legal recourse is ignored for years, sitting in boxes in warehouses while their rapists walk free. All over this country.

Courts, lawyers and prosecutors must do their fucking jobs. Stop insisting and start prosecuting chiefs and labs responsible for rape kit testing.

The very existence of these hundreds of thousands of untested rape kits disproves the media-amplified claim that if some women lie, all women are not to be trusted.

Only .005 women are found to lie about rape. Almost no one is falsely accused of rape.


These 200,143 rape kits lead to DNA identifiable rapists. Once test results identify rapists, their adjudication more than makes up for any women who lie about being raped.

Humans lie. These rape kits don't lie. Women went through the pain and suffering of hours of paperwork, interviews and submitting to rape kit swabs and identification.

Any patriarchalist claims about women liars are worthless. Patriarchal coverup is the new rape.

All men bear the stigma of their male-run, institutionalized coverup.

Women should never have to do legal battle alone to get equal justice before ANY law, especially rape laws.

By planetary standards, Rape has been a WAR CRIME since 1949.

All Our Structural Problem: "My Job Is Done Here." Don McGahn's Kavanaugh Project

The paid political tools of THE corporate party, supported by the forty-year foundation of Koch think tanks, foundations and media work, will soon have completed the following.

Restructure media.
Restructure federal voting via the FEC.
Restructure state voting via ALEC, gerrymandering, roll purges.
Restructure all federal courts.
Install a pro-corporate president.

What remains to be done:

Establish corporate legal dominance through courts.

Convene a constitutional convention and create the linchpin clause of the congressional supermajority vote for all legislation.

The death of majority democracy will take care of itself.

Which has been Charles Koch's and the deceased James M. Buchanan's goal since the 70's.


... party-wide commitment to an assault on the franchise can be encompassed by the three Supreme Court decisions — Citizens United, Shelby County, and McCutcheon — through which the accomplishments of the Civil Rights Movement were shredded right along with ... campaign-finance laws. We traded John Lewis for the Koch Brothers.

Which is where Don McGahn came in. He was the vehicle through which this strategy was implemented at the FEC. McGahn's primary task at the FEC was to break down the country's system of elections.

McGahn's portfolio in the White House includes sliding judicial nominees through the process—a job Brett Kavanaugh once held ...

The entire Republican project ever since the Florida burglary of 2000—in which Kavanaugh was an accessory after the fact—has been to find a way to hang onto power while the party itself is shrinking down to an old, white, Southern base.

Every institution of government that the Republicans have controlled for nearly 20 years has been tasked with this, and now they pretty much control all of them, at least until the first week of November.

Brett Kavanaugh has been at the center of those efforts. So has Don McGahn. This is the part of the tale that is not about the president* at all.

Howard Dean said, last time I saw him speak: "Politics is war."

We have been out-strategized.

We need to shift strategy.

If anyone has any thoughts on strategy shifts, we need to read them on DU.

Joe Manchin's Problem Is All Our Structural Problem

McConnell is from Kentucky, a Trump state. He's likely doing his constituents' bidding by filling the Supreme Court with justices who will lean right on the Constitution.

Joe Manchin, from West Virginia, betrayed his fellow Dems because he was scared of getting his ass kicked there next month, since his state went for Trump by like 20 points. Manchin and McCaskill DO fear spiteful constituents and the opposing party's politics of spite.

The system is rigged structurally. It's obvious sometimes, but sometimes we forget in the heat of issues.

Sparsely populated states get too many senators and densely populated states get too few.

Add to that the gerrymandered Congressional districts, and the fact that the Electoral College reflects the Senate misrepresentation in favor of rural states.

The game is rigged against not just progressives, but the rise of any new majority party in those rural states.

We're being ruled by a tyrannical anti-democracy minority.

Restructuring begins at the ballot box. Every last goddam election.

The Chicago Van Dyke Jury's Verdict Is To Be Announced Within The Hour

While 4,000 newly hired police and civilian forces get ready to clash.

Jurors have reached a verdict Friday in the murder trial of Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke. It will read read at 1:45 p.m.

Van Dyke is charged with first degree murder, official misconduct, and 16 counts of aggravated battery. The jury can also consider second degree murder...

During the trial, the medical examiner testified that she could not determine the order of shots in the autopsy findings, but showed the jury each bullet wound from head to toe, and what effect it had on Laquan McDonald as he died.


Live video: https://www.facebook.com/newshour/videos/2149446215267783/?notif_id=1538746916153501

Don't Let 2018 and 2020 Become 1984.

Governance by gaslighting, beating by cheating has got to go.

I grieve this historical day for the United States.

This is an historical day in the United States.

1. The Judiciary Committee lawyers fail the Senate's historical mission of providing a FULL AND FAIR PROCESS in the advise and consent process for the American people.

Hatch, Graham, Grassley have engaged in cover up of 90% of Kavanaugh's record, and refused FBI investigation of, and testimony by all relevant witnesses.

2. Judicial integrity is the people on the courts. Kavanaugh's lack of integrity and poor temperament disqualify him for SCOTUS the rest of his life.

Kavanaugh's confirmation rests on AT LEAST five lies about the facts:

-- Kavanaugh denied using thousands of Democratic Party documents Kav knew his staffer, Manuel Miranda, stole
-- his whereabouts on July 1, the time Dr. Ford was unsure of --
his calendar laid out date, place and names, including Keyser
-- who was at the gathering -- Keyser said she was there when Dr.
Ford claims he attempted to sexually assault her; Kav claimed
he'd never met her
-- his habitual drunkenness, according to his former roommate
-- wanting an FBI investigation

Per Trump's coaching by phone, Kavanaugh went contemptuous, political, along with his Republican cheerleaders on the Judiciary Committee.

The GOP of the Judiciary Committee KNOW that Kavanaugh went political because he's ALWAYS BEEN POLITICAL.

Here's a summary of his past:

AFTER he did all that studying and churching in his school years, he

1. clerked for Anthony Kennedy,
2. argued to the Supreme Court to disregard attorney
client privilege in the Vincent Foster death case , which
he lost; he spread the rumor that Hillary was Foster's murderer;
3. got Kenneth Starr to ask Clinton sexually explicit
questions in the impeachment hearings;
4. lead writer of the Ken Starr report that led to Pres.
Clinton's impeachment;
5. lied to Democrats about formulating Bush's enhanced
interrogation policies;
6. was part of Bush's recount team in the 2,000 Florida

Kavanaugh has been a political judge since he got on the bench. His rulings, arguments and overrulings show that.

For all his claims of the Democratic Party hatching an evil plan to ruin his life, one can see from his past political operative lawyer's work, that he and the majority party are the dishonest conspirers of turning the SCOTUS corporate and right wing.

The Jesuits reject Kavanaugh.
The American Bar Association rejects Kavanaugh.

3. Democracy is buried as
a) law and order warps into order for the patriarchalists and the rich,
b) the highest court is a tool of the ideological rich.
What remains for The People is life under a corporate military junta, and a superfluous constitution.

An Article V convention -- 28 states have voted for it, 38 are needed -- may rewrite the Founders' Constitution to include 2/3 supermajority legislating, at which point this will no longer be the "United" states of 51% majority rule democracy. It will become Pinochet's Chile.

BILL MAHER: I want to see Al Franken Debate Donald Trump -- and so do you.

Tip: click on the timeline and move it to start the video. It won't start by itself.

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