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Profile Information

Name: Aerows
Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Member since: Sun Feb 20, 2011, 12:17 AM
Number of posts: 39,961

About Me

Love to cook, Code, Build Computers, Tae Kwon Do, write, observe local fauna (sometimes at peril) and argue about interesting topics. Typical Sagittarius.

Journal Archives

Greenwald said that he will release the names of Americans that were spied upon

I'm going to wait for that to happen, but I expect that will be explosive.

Just remember - the government should not have been doing this in the first place, and if they get stung by doing illegal things, an average American would have been in jail for doing it.

Fascinating Song - The Devil Went Down to Georgia

I've always liked it, but the lyrics of Johnny's confused me.

Fire on the Mountain Run Boys Run -"Fire on the Mountain", a traditional bluegrass fiddle tune dating to at least the early 19th century

Devil's in the House of the Rising Sun - The House of the Rising Sun is an amazing ballad. Sinead O'Connor did it, and it was awesome.

"Chicken in the bread pan pickin' out dough" Square dance pattern song, and I didn't know that because I would probably become fertilizer before I would square dance

"Granny does your dog bite? No, child, no" is a corruption of an old folk rhyme that starts "Granny will your dog bite? / Your hen peck, your rooster fight, / Your turkey walk a fence rail? / No child, no." [9] Like "Fire on the Mountain", "Granny Does Your Dog Bite?" is a traditional folk song recorded as early as 1938

Okay, spent way more time on this than I should have, but I was just interested in what the infathomable parts of the lyrics meant.

The upshot is that he won by knowing all of the songs and being able to play them.

I'm probably weird, I just really like that song.

I feel like a proud parent!

I actually have 5 little tomatoes on two of my plants and cucumbers just starting to form .

It's the first time I've ever grown anything and it's awesome!

Use GMail?

There is a new scam out. The claim that they want to change your passwords because of the eBay "break-in" then catch you to redirect to another site.

If you click on a link delivered to your email, be careful.

This made me laugh out loud because of the cat vs. dog story

Cats can be valiant and awesome, too!

I have flowering buds bursting out from my tomato plants!!!

I'm so happy. My Cucumbers are taking off, too .

My profile lists that I have 4 hides

when I only know about two of them. I'm terrified to post now! What on earth did I say to warrant two additional marks against my account!?

I admit that I may have gone too far on one of them, will debate the second but accept it, but how did two additional ones get attributed to me?

There was a post in GD about Netanyahu declaring that they would use the Talmud

as the basis for law and for the calendar. I asked for more information, since I have no idea what impact this will have, or even what the Hebrew calendar means.

I had just gotten some useful information, then the thread was shut down.

I'm still trying to understand and get information. I'm not a dimwit, but I am not as informed on the state of Israel as I probably should be.

What should be the take-away here?

Anyone ever tried this? It seems like it might work

and might have some validity. I have no garlic right now, but if someone has a head of it, it could be easy to find out if it works. Basically you crush part of it, then you shake the garlic in a bowl.

Anyone want to see if there is validity to this technique?

Link, I can't embed the video.


My garden is doing great!

I'm growing in pots because I had a problem with some critter digging my plants up, and my father helped me put them in large pots. I have two varieties of heirloom tomatoes, attempt #2 at cucumbers since my little gorgeous varmint cat uprooted the one I had started from seed the first time (I love her, she is forgiven), a tabasco pepper plant that I can scarcely believe I have FINALLY successfully grown (I think I've tried like 4 times to get one off the ground and looking good), a bell pepper for my father (which I despise, but I'm even kind to it, too) and a jalepeno pepper along with a shedload of onions.

I never would have guessed I had a green thumb, and I don't want to jinx myself, but I think I'm doing okay. I really love looking at them every morning then coming home in the evening, watering them and it seems like they have already grown.
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