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Member since: Thu Feb 17, 2011, 12:43 PM
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Perry is such a tool

He needs to be audited, and most probably needs to be sued. He keeps using the State's coffers for his personal expenses (10K plus - per month for his living quarters & almost 2 million for his security during his failed Presidential campaign), and continues to cut essential services for Texans. The jerks will not be satisfied until they've "privatized" and looted everything we take for granted.
Coming soon to your "state parks": Fracking, Drilling, luxury hotels, carnival midways, gas stations, and fast food chains.

I've been unemployed for 7 years

I apply for jobs whenever possible, and usually don't even get a reply of any kind. I worked for one company for 19 years and rose through the ranks from the sales floor to Human Resources at a corporate office. I left on good terms to care for our first baby for about a year. Applied for my old job at that point, was interviewed by the people that I had trained and was turned down. I have applied for multiple jobs at this same company and usually do not even get a call back (despite having worked there for 19 years).
I am not on the record as being unemployed, which I believe is probably more like 20%.
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