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Member since: Thu Feb 17, 2011, 11:43 AM
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the fix is in.

As most in this thread have deduced, I'm fairly positive that ALEC is quickly renaming itself and calculating methods of improved secrecy.

More war on Women (KLBJ News Radio, Austin)

Hi Everybody, I was driving around today and switched over to KLBJ 590 while the TODD & DON show was in progress. They were in the process of riffing on Team Obama's "Julia" story, and in no uncertain terms said that single mothers and women who have sex out of wedlock are WHORES and HOOKERS. Please help me spread this info, and let's launch a BOYCOTT against any advertisers. This station is incredibly offensive, completely one-sided, and they still carry Limbaugh as well.


KLBJ News Radio AM 590
KLBJ News Radio FM 99.7


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