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Member since: Thu Feb 17, 2011, 12:43 PM
Number of posts: 3,013

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Here's my letter to County Line (corp)

I was recently informed that you have told your employees that their hours will be cut from full to part time if Romney loses the election. Voter intimidation or coercion is illegal. You have drawn a line in the sand and I choose to no longer give you my money or my family's money. I will also spread the word to everyone that I encounter to boycott your businesses, explaining your lack of ethics, greed, and disdain for the personal liberty of all Americans. May you learn humility in your failure.


Perry is a bad man. May karma visit him soon and often.

I like the "Hail Satan" suggestion

from up the thread. "May our opponents perish in the river of fire!"

"We shall strike down your first born."

I've been aware of ecological problems for 38 years

or since I was 10. Nobody cared and brushed off those crazy hippies. The majority of people won't panic until their electricity goes out for good and they can't watch TV or surf the internet anymore, or when gas is suddenly $50 a gallon.

Maybe they can bulldoze a nursing home

and an elementary school on their way out of town.

oh brother!

What a steaming pile. They all have the same smirk. It's like a bunch of rejects from the Jerry Springer show.

Be vigilant folks, the Repugs will not ever let up. They will fight even after they lose.

Whenever Cheney appears

something terrible happens soon after. Watch for it in the next few days. Maybe even tomorrow. The riots and the attack in Libya occurred just a day after Cheney's previous "speaking out".

Quit trying to "Corn Troll" the situation.

HFCS has been added as a filler ingredient (as well as corn meal) an almost everything at the grocery store now. I think that fact coupled with a computer laden sedentary lifestyle has boosted obesity numbers. Also most corn is GMO now. I try to avoid it. Cane sugar actually tastes better too.

Cintra also owns

the Toll roads in Texas, which are failing to meet their estimated income (yet more of them continue to be built). I refuse to ever drive on one.
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