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Member since: Thu Feb 17, 2011, 11:43 AM
Number of posts: 3,134

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Hypocrisy and Extremism

Hypocrisy and Extremism make it difficult for the positive side of any religious belief system to get any spiritual or philosophical traction. If you are trying to set an example, you are that example. Instead, we get: "Do as I say, not as I do!"

I'd have to think that this helped drain Lake Travis

it would make perfect sense. Not only Abbott, but all the others that are referred to in the article, too. Hello? Investigative journalists? Hello?

and remember that, over the years,

part of the profits of these Mega-multi-national corporations go towards paying Congressional lobbyists to make sure that the wages stay at a low level, and that worker's rights are being diminished (e.g. ALEC). We pay for that too, when we buy their goods or "services". Meanwhile productivity is way up (because workers are so desperate) and CEO's keep giving themselves gigantic raises. We are infected with greed, and the whole system is rotten.

If I'm not allowed to write "LOVE" with a piece of chalk

on the sidewalk, it would stand to reason that these idiots would not be allowed to open carry even a butter knife on the TX capitol grounds. Those troopers just don't want anybody there at all unless you have a suitcase full of cash for a republican. Even more amusing is the fact that most of the lawmakers in the TX govt were voted in by these same people that were being provocative today.

Where to post a fundraising link?

Hi I have a relative who received a small scholarship to attend a writing workshop this summer in Chicago (she lives in Austin TX). She started a fundraiser on rally.org to cover the difference for expenses. She's a good kid and it's an excellent opportunity for her.

Would it be okay to post the link to ask for support from DU, and if so where would be the best place for me to post it.

Thanks in advance!


there's a reason that it is called "lunacy".

You're going to need a really long microphone cable.

Is Walter White the Man In The Moon?

The moon has a van dyke?

If the moon has no hands and no arms, how does he shave?

What happens to all the moon whiskers?

If we could collect moon whiskers, would they make good home building material?

I would like to have a lake house built out of moon whiskers.

I hope that Glenn answers all of my questions.


this is going to be the moment of truth for Ted's "I'll be dead or in jail" comment.

That sounds about right

and maybe a large "service charge" TAX to those companies and individuals who benefited from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
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