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Member since: Sun Feb 6, 2011, 08:14 AM
Number of posts: 3,864

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Model railroading enthusiasts?

If there are any: my father is selling some items. I can list them here, if there are any interested.

Is there a thread for hobbies?

If there is, I couldn't find it.
I am specifically looking for "model railroading".

On the death of Bernard Lewis

the author discusses the legendary debates between Lewis and Edward Said:

The difference between the two men was the difference between the politics of lucrative power and the intellectual courage to revolt.

Lewis was a historian of power and in power and for the power that ruled us all and he served happily and rewardingly. The more powerful the imperial audacity of a mode of knowledge production, the more Lewis pursued and served it.

Said was precisely on the other side of the fence, in the tradition of anticolonial struggles of Asia, Africa, and Latin America - which he theorised into our reading of Palestine.

You looked at Lewis, and you saw Lawrence of Arabia incarnate - a British colonial officer with a clumsy command over the natives' language and culture, out in the field to serve the most vicious colonial enterprise of the century. You looked at Said, and you saw him in a direct line from the most revolutionary critical thinkers of all time - alongside Aime Cesaire, Frantz Fanon, V Y Mudimbe, Enrique Dussel, and of course Antonio Gramsci and Theodore Adorno.

Said attracted an entire generation of critical thinkers from every continent on planet earth. Lewis attracted career opportunists who, like him, wanted to be near and dear to power.

In January 2003, just a few months before Said passed away, he and I were invited to Rabat, Morocco for a conference on "Dialogue of Civilization". He could not go. He called me from Spain insisting I go.

I went to Rabat, only to learn upon my arrival that Lewis was there too. For the entire duration of the conference, while I was sitting with the late Egyptian philosopher Nasr Hamid Abu Zayd and literary theorist Ferial Ghazoul discussing hermeneutics, Lewis was chaperoned by the young Noah Feldman, the legal adviser to Paul Bremer, who was the "provisional coalition administrator" of Iraq after the US invasion.


Trump Faith Adviser Who Said Jews Go to Hell to Speak at Jerusalem U.S. Embassy Opening

Source: Haaretz

One of the speakers at Monday’s ceremony marking the relocation of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem will be a Christian leader with a history of hateful comments against Muslims, Mormons, gay people and Jews.

Dallas-based Robert Jeffress, a Baptist pastor with a large following in Texas, told Fox News that he would be leading a prayer during the ceremony. Jeffress serves as an informal advisor to Trump on faith-based issues of U.S. President Donald Trump, and is also known for his support for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government.

As Mother Jones reported, during a 2010 lecture, Jeffress claimed, "God sends good people to Hell. Not only do religions like Mormonism, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism--not only do they lead people away from from God, they lead people to an eternity of separation from God in Hell."

Read more: https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/.premium-trump-faith-adviser-who-said-all-jews-go-to-hell-to-speak-at-embassy-1.6078561

lol. One of the ministers who is leading the prayer at the opening of "the capitol" of the Jewish state, once said: “you can’t be saved by being a Jew,“
you can't make this stuff up.
If I were Muller I'd be looking for Israeli complicity in the election of drumpf, not Russian. Israeli has gotten two things (so far) they have dearly wished for for years: war with Iran (soon) and Jerusalme capital of Israel. These two have been goals of Israel for decades. Look it up. Coincidence that trump gets elected, and they get their deal?

Making leaf mold.

I had read, that leaves piled up will become leaf mold in a year or two, without turning, and without any attention.
I had read that one could speed the process by mowing the leaves first, but I didn't have that option.

So I left some leaves in a bin for 2-3 years and this season thot, "alriight, I've got leaf mold!"

but what I've got is leaves that are somewhat crumbly, but by no means leaf mold.

I'm wondering what I did wrong--
One thing that occurs to me is that I did not water the pile during dry times. I don't remember reading that, but it kinda makes sense to be that I should have done that.

Any other ideas?

I can still hope to turn my 2-3 year old leaves into leaf mold, if I discover what I should do.


Question submitted by ellenrr

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Re school walk-out on March 14 (response to Parkland gun violence)

What are your thoughts?
Searching for a school to support in the March 14 walk-out (student-organized in response to gun violence), I looked for a majority Black school to support, and so far - all the schools that are listed in NJ are middle-upper class schools in well-off white neighborhoods.
What to make of this?

Over the last week, the survivors of the Parkland shooting are on every media outlet. I am glad they are.

But gun violence in the inner cities affects everyone who lives there. The trauma is fresh, multiple, chronic...
And yet when did you ever see a young person from the 'hood on the media talking about their trauma?

I have been wondering if I were a victim of gun violence in the inner city, how I would feel about the immense media coverage of the Parkland young people.
How would you?

is there a "weather" forum?

hello, I haven't been here for a while, and don't remember if the weather forum I remember was here or another location.

DNA data offer evidence of unknown extinct human relative

Traces of long-lost human cousins may be hiding in modern people’s DNA, a new computer analysis suggests.

People from Melanesia, a region in the South Pacific encompassing Papua New Guinea and surrounding islands, may carry genetic evidence of a previously unknown extinct hominid species, Ryan Bohlender reported October 20 at the annual meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics. That species is probably not Neandertal or Denisovan, but a different, related hominid group, said Bohlender, a statistical geneticist at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. “We’re missing a population or we’re misunderstanding something about the relationships,” he said.

This mysterious relative was probably from a third branch of the hominid family tree that produced Neandertals and Denisovans, an extinct distant cousin of Neandertals. While many Neandertal fossils have been found in Europe and Asia, Denisovans are known only from DNA from a finger bone and a couple of teeth found in a Siberian cave (SN: 12/12/15, p. 14).

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