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60+, semi-retired, from a corner of a red state in the PNW

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Yes, mine are tested often enough.

Well done Shred, you've observed two species of Idaho's well-known genera, amans pseudopatriae fictus.

The first, a. vexillum magna is less common in that montane/sub-alpine locale but ubiquitous elsewhere, especially in the north part of the state. Characterized by their florid courtship displays from their overly large, American built utility vehicles which usually emit diesel brown and black to the less common light gray to blue, noxious gasses. Sometimes dangerous but always unpredictable, it is best to observe these from a safe distance.

The second, a. rubrum galerum is smaller, much more common and an invasive species believed to have originated from the south and east of the U.S. three or four years ago. Widely distributed, it can be found throughout Idaho and identified by it's unique, squeaky to booming call: maga-MAGA. An effort is being made to control this species with definitive results expected in approximately a year and half. Though much safer to approach than a. vexillum magna, they do off-gas somewhat and caution is advised as contact can be unpredictable with their characteristic foamy mouth parts and flailing limbs.

That privileged group also misguidedly believes they will be able to maintain that privilege.

For a while they might but eventually that "right-wing edifice" will come tumbling down too, victim to an exponential entropy they created themselves. At the end, perhaps a few will recognize that folly but by then the wheels of the world will be smashed, with nothing left but rocks and sticks.

Personally, I have been losing hope at an ever increasing rate.

I'm not inclined to give himself credit for any strategic thinking.

His mind is gone, probably from his cocaine/speed fueled nightclub days. Those days are catching up to him. He cannot remember what he said from one moment to the next and that, coupled with his lazy inability to think critically and his penchant for lying about all things big and small, results in his idiotic, all-over-the-place rambling.

The thing is, the silver-spooned bully has never had to be accountable for anything. He's always been the boss so whatever he says is right whenever he spittles it out, despite being contrary to what he may have just said. When it turns out okay, he takes the credit, when it doesn't it is somebody else's nightmare. It has just never mattered before now.

He's in the spotlight now and expected to have at least some skills. Those skills aren't there. There are no tools in the toolbox. In fact, he's never even needed a toolbox but now he does and all he has is a moldering lump of plumbers putty bound by a few strips of duct tape and baling wire.

No, that rotting loofah he might call "the best brain" can only ponder one thing and that is himself, while day by day he gets ever more dangerous.

"...Donald Thinks D-Day Is About Him"

Aided no doubt by his own seriously out of plumb sense of worth and his miscreant staff, at least two of which are visible in the line of sight just above the Queen's head: John "Yosemite" Bolton and what looks to be shady, sunglass-shrouded Stevie "Wormtongue" Miller.

What the hell would Miller be doing there?

That whole chickenshit tRump entourage is a damn disgrace to those who died on that shore those many years ago, everyone else who gave the ultimate sacrifice in service to their country, those who were able to come home wherever that might be, those who ever served or continue to serve and finally, the rest of us who benefit from that service.

Effin imposters is right. I just want to puke.

Those few filthy rich people think they will have an out. And maybe at first they will.

They believe they will be able to hide behind their wealth, with the ability to move to different places as their current locales' become "unpleasant".

We've all heard stories of rich folks who buy cars, never change the oil or otherwise maintain them and when they finally do prematurely wear out, cast that one aside and buy another. Rinse and repeat. What's the problem? They've got money, right?

I think that's how it might go down. With no place to escape from an increasingly dying planet, exactly the wrong people will be left trying to fix it. They never had to worry about repairs before and won't have the skills when that time comes either.

Yes, that is my thinking too.

The OP is a very good analysis of what is happening but seems to make tRump the driver of it all. While tRump may have some tactical ability, I just can't believe he has the strategic mind nor the unwavering focus (beyond his grudging "they bad, they good)" to achieve the level of destruction they've accomplished so far.

Miller is likely the Wormtongue, the earpiece, the conduit by which the strategy is translated and whispered into tRumps ear. Who knows who the architect really is? IMO, what is happening has Bannon's grimy DNA all over it but somehow I don't think even he is the Dark Lord here. Rather, he is part of some larger, far more sinister group that has been mostly laying low, playing their unseen hand as they may, until they finally have the cards in place to make their move.

Sadly, this is another example of humans doing what humans do

Fuck things up just because they can, I guess. Worry about it later, if any worry is to be given. Didn't the Chinese try the same thing several years ago with about the same results?

Satellites for GPS, communication, observation, agriculture, etc. all could suffer because of this bonehead move. Maybe we'll be forced to relearn and start using old school land surveying and navigation techniques. What about aviation? It's like we're slowly being driven back to the ground to where we started by ill-advised pursuits, and we haven't been treating Mother Earth to damn well either. No time for soaring when we've got military-corpo-industrial stonehumpers driving our bus to oblivion.

I'm just sick of this "Hold my beer, watch this" mentality. Lowest fucking common denominator is what we seem to be striving for.

end o'rant.

Thanks for your post - it says a lot.

Change, that constant of life, has sped up IMO. We've been exponentially accelerating into a future with only the linear brakes of human experience to check that speed.

Or another way: We have been allowing technology and change to try humanity on for size rather than the other way around. We, as people, need to be making the decision on whether the style and fit of our new shoes are suitable before the journey, not afterwards. Right now, those shoes are garish and much too big for our feet.

"..."regret falling short" of the patient's expectations.""

It sounds like they're placing blame on the patient. It's not only the patient's expectations.

How about societal expectations and
moral expectations and
human expectations and
common sense expectations and
cultural expectations and
professional expectations and
institutional expectations and
historical expectations and

this list could go on and on. If "corporations are people", Kaiser fell short of being part of the human race here. This is what chasing corporate wealth for the stockholder's benefit looks like. It's fucking wealth management they're practicing, not health management.

"...I will find it necessary to adjust your enviroment..." -Judge Amy Berman Jackson

Heh, heh.

I heard those stark words a couple of days ago from a radio report on the Roger Stone hearing, and finally had time to look up a transcript of it. Holy Cow, the judge pretty much read Stone and his attorneys the riot act and was very clear as to the consequences if Stone or anyone on his behalf decide to start blabbing about the upcoming trial.

The transcript is a long read but worth it to see Roger Stone and counsel squirming under some tough questioning. It was a delight to imagine being there listening in.

transcript here:

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