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I am not an English Major. I do and will from time to time make grammatical and spelling errors. It would be appreciated if those errors are pointed out using DU mail, but if you must show your superior ability to use the English language by posting on the forum, do not be offended if I choose to point out your need to show that superiority on the public forum also.

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Republican Small Business Tax Cut Plan

I just heard on NPR that half of the Republican Small Business Tax Cut Plan would go to businesses with under 500 employees making over 1M per year, including law firms, lobby firms and even sports teams.

Has anyone else heard this?

Is the plan designed to be geared toward million dollar businesses or do half of the "small" businesses make that type of money?

When I hear the term "small business" I think of the person who owns the small store, restaurant, garage, or service company doing good to earn $100K a year, not a law firm with 450 employees making several million and certainly not a sports team.

If the definition of small business is simply less than 500 employees without respect to earnings is it time to change the definition?
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