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I am not an English Major. I do and will from time to time make grammatical and spelling errors. It would be appreciated if those errors are pointed out using DU mail, but if you must show your superior ability to use the English language by posting on the forum, do not be offended if I choose to point out your need to show that superiority on the public forum also.

Journal Archives

Who would be the best Republican, no joke.

I often hear Republicans when talking about the four running for their nominee, if their favorite doesn’t win any of them would be better than President Obama. I also hear Democrats state while they may not be pleased with everything President Obama has or has not done, he is still better than any of the Republicans. Some of the Democrats who live in states which have opened primaries say they would vote Republican voting for the candidate which they feel is most easily beat by President Obama. But, too often current events 6-8 weeks before the general election decide or at least help decide who the president will be. Because of this if I were to vote in the Republican primary I must vote for the person I feel would be the best choice if a Republican must become our president.
The problem is two of the candidate I don’t trust and the other two scare the living daylights out of me. I might as well roll a die. I don’t see a good future under any of the potential Republicans
Rick Santorum means what he says and says what he means. Homosexuals will need to move to Canada and non-Christians and to some extent non-Catholics should consider the move also. Non-”Americans” shouldn’t rest too easily either. He will lead by his interpretation of the bible and those who don’t agree with his ultra christian right beliefs might as well give up. The U.S. Constitution will be enforced only for those in agreement with him.
Ron Paul while talking a lot about liberty and freedom would bring our economy to a screeching halt. Yes, his massive cuts may balance the budget, but do so by firing hundreds of thousands of government employees. Those who rely on the departments which he would cut will need to fend for themselves.
Newt Gingrich while intelligent and talks a good talk, I can’t get over his demanding President Clinton leave office for sexual misconduct, that he wasn’t moral enough to be president, while he was having an affair, marries his mistress then joins a church so all is forgiven. I don’t trust one word that comes out of his mouth.
Mitt Romney is a politician's politician. He will need to install a weather vain on the white house to each morning check which way the political wind is blowing to decide what he is for that day. Also, his business experience although may work for a company, if you don’t care who you hurt, but it won’t work for a country. You can’t sell or liquidate non producing states nor fire unproductive citizens. If we though the middle class and poor suffered and the rich prospered under other Republican presidents we haven’t seen anything like we would see under a Romney administration.
So if it must happen who would be the best Republican President?

Freedom of Religion or Freedom of THEIR Religion

As a Gay Atheist, the Republicans especially the four wanting to be the President want to deny my religious freedom to have no religion AND they want to use their religious freedoms (beliefs) to prevent me from having any rights some we have won and some we still are striving to get.
Also, I don't think I would get out of that auditorium alive from the sound of the audience. Are all Arizonians that crazy?

Probable Cause?

I had an unusual thing happen to me today and wanted to know if anyone has any thoughts.
Some background, I am the purchasing manager for a small culinary school, as such I often need to pick-up items for the school so I park behind the school where I also receive trucks (this gives me direct access to the kitchens), this area could be though of as a covered alley or tunnel. I have been parking in the area for the entire time we have been in the building which is almost two years, I have permission from the school’s dean and controller, our security company is aware of this, I do not block traffic and there are not any “No Parking” signs in the area, in fact no parking regulations at all other than do not block the alley and I am not the only tenant who parks behind the building. The area is considered private property owned by the landlord for use by the tenants.
Today as I was leaving the school a police office was passing through the alley/tunnel, he passed me without any clue he was questioning my “right” to be in the alley, but once I left the alley and was on a public road he pulled me over. When I questioned why I was being pulled over (I honestly had no clue, I knew I wasn’t speeding, I didn’t run a light or stop sign and my tag wasn’t expired), he answered “I wanted to make sure you had a reason to be in the alley”. I replied I am the Purchasing Manager for the school, I park there everyday. He replied back “How do I know that?” I then said “Here is my I.D.” and handed it to him. The I.D. is an electronic key card which has my name, position, picture and the school logo, not something easily faked. He then asked for my drivers license, which I gave him. He then told me I could go and added “I had Probable Cause”. I guess he knew he really pissed me off, but adding that statement made me move from pissed off to boiling mad.

The officer was not polite at all, all of his questions were in the tone of a demand and never addressed me as sir or mister, even after he learned my name.

My questions are;
Was that really probable cause? It seems to me if a middle aged, white man, driving a Smart Car with Democratic bumper stickers (and one Richard Dawkins), with a vanity tag, parking at the most lighted part of a alley/tunnel on private property is probable cause, those who are of a different color or nationality hasn’t a chance. Let’s face it my car stands out in a crowd, no the car to commit a crime in.

Why not ask me while I was parked in the alley? There I would have understood, and most likely would have thanked him. In fact if I thought he had any question as to why I was parked there I would have waited for him to reach my car prepared to explain, it was just that after almost two years without question it never crossed my mind an officer would think anything was wrong. And, I will admit pulling me over on a public road in front of the school was embarrassing.
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