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I am not an English Major. I do and will from time to time make grammatical and spelling errors. It would be appreciated if those errors are pointed out using DU mail, but if you must show your superior ability to use the English language by posting on the forum, do not be offended if I choose to point out your need to show that superiority on the public forum also.

Journal Archives

The House of Representatives hard at work

Today they held AG Holder in contempt.
They will vote once again to repeal the ACA (once they get back from a well deserved break).
This is a vote which they know won't make its way through the Senate and would be vetoed by the POTUS but they want to show how they care for America.
I guess this is ok because they have given us a great jobs plan, oh wait, not they didn't. But, they did fix the college loan issue, no they haven't' done that either.

ACA in bullet form.

I know we can read the 2700 page law.

I know there is a summary on the official website but it takes many back and forth clicks to find all the information.

Has anyone see all of the benefits of the law in bullet form? No specific details, just an outline.

A one or two page list to be able to give someone one who doesn't understand the law or a tea bagger who is making ridiculous claims of "death panels".

The news is making me dizzy!

Just flipped the channels to see what each network was saying about the SCOTUS decision on ACA.

I had been watching MSNBC they were saying ACA was upheld. On CNN and FOX I would have thought it was struck down. They are spinning more than a centrifuge.

What I want to see from Romney is...

his healthcare plan for America. I don't mean the one in MA. But, his Repeal and Replace. Just what is the Replace.

I want to see reporters ask for DETAILS of Replace. I want to see citizens who get to ask questions to ask what are the DETAILS of Replace.

So no surprise I don't like Romney, I mean I am a Democrat. But, the idea that the American people are accepting the Republicans to run a candidate who won't tell us ANY details of his plans.

I know it will take time to figure everything out but I am confused.

I have heard the ACA was upheld. Now I am hearing states can opt out. So 26 states may still be screwed.
Both sides will spin and claim victory.

Newest Obama commercial suggestion

It is a clear day in Washington D.C. Suddenly a flying saucer lands on the White House lawn, and an alien steps out and says "Take me to your leader."

Then a voice over says, "When this happen who do you want our new friend meeting with?

I am hearing about some Democratic members of the House will vote yes on contempt

because they are afraid of the NRA.

Why don't they stand up to the NRA? Would it be a guarantee lost of the elections?

Edited; after a grammatical error was pointed out in public.

Who saw Rev. Al Sharpton today?

He ran circles around Mica. He turned his word against him.

Some may say he owed the congressman more "respect". Well, I don't think so.

When I see congress disrespect the American people I want to see reporters ask serious hard questions.

I am not big on conspiracy theories. In fact I don't know if I believe any of the

most popular ones.

But, why are Democrat conspiracy theories "debunked" by ALL mainstream news but Republican conspiracy theories are encouraged by the ALL mainstream news.

I support reason, something missing when discussing F&F.

Rev. AL got Mica today on PoliticsNation. I know Rev. Al isn't everyones "cup of tea" but he has the guts to stand firm and not back down.

Would social equity hurt the rich?

If everyone had healthcare, education and fair pay would this make the rich lose their edge?

Is this the real reason these are being blocked so hard?
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