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Member since: Sat Jan 22, 2011, 01:32 PM
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I am not an English Major. I do and will from time to time make grammatical and spelling errors. It would be appreciated if those errors are pointed out using DU mail, but if you must show your superior ability to use the English language by posting on the forum, do not be offended if I choose to point out your need to show that superiority on the public forum also.

Journal Archives

Just heard a fire truck out side of my house.

When I looked out to see what was happening I saw it was leading a parade of sorts. Next week end we do have a parade schedule and for one moment I was wondering did I get the date of the parade wrong or was today somehow June 14th and I lost a week.
Then I saw a poster on a car. VBS, Vacation Bible School. Is it just me or is there a problem with the fire department participating in a church parade. What if every church in the city asks for the same "favor" what if I were having an Atheist parade. Would I get the same "favor".

What do you all think?

Polls and Fact Check Organizations

Although I feel it is too early to worry about polls, I do look at RCP everyday to see the current average and who is saying Obama is up or down. I know some are more geared toward one side or another, and by using RCPs averaged total gives to me the best picture of what is really happening.
So I know don't necessarily trust the polls.

But, what about the fact check organizations? Are they really fair? I don't expect every claim Romney makes be deemed totally false or every claim Obama makes be deemed totally true, but at times with the limited information I have to my access I don't agree with their results. I don't know if I am too bias, which may very well be true, do they have bias or are they trying to look "fair and balanced" so they are not accused of being too easy or hard on one side or the other.

I am sure I have just missed it,

but, does Romney ever hug anyone? I mean I just saw a clip of him from the 4th, he was shaking hands at a distance. I am constantly seeing pictures of Obama hugging people.

Does Romney not hug,
Does no one want to be hugged by Romney,
Or have I just missed it?

Just for the record.

I recently read a thread where someone asked what if there was a tie in the electoral college.
Some as I did doubted this could happen, I didn't even know if there was a mathematical possibility using the current strong leaning states. Someone posted some statistics showing it had less than 1% chance of happening.

I don't doubt it is not probable but it is possible with just the toss-up states.

If someone will tell me how to post pictures I will show a map with the states listed.

Romney's 59 step plan

Ok, I downloaded it today and gave it a quick review. I quickly discovered a few things;
1. Taxes would be recessive giving tax breaks to the rich.
2. Deregulation would give free reign to the banking and energy industries.
3. Free trade would pave the path to more jobs going over seas and possibly lower our standard of living.
4. Destroy remaining unions and encourage right to work.
5. Destroy the social safety nets including ending ACA and ending Medicaid.

This was just from a short review, not a detailed reading, I am sure it get worst. I guess the beauty of creating an 87 page document is you can say you have a plan while insuring very few will actually read it. I plan on reading it and making a point by point review.

Before I endure the process of reading and noting the problems does anyone know of a link to a website where this has be done?

Romney is about to speak from a small hardware store

You know I remember the local "mom & pop" hardware store. That was of course before Walmart.

Jobs Report Questions

80,000 Jobs added, Unemployment 8.2
I get it, that is not good. This may not be enough to keep up with people joining the job market.

But, isn't this exactly what the Republicans not only want but have been working very hard for? I don't just mean the "#1 goal of making Obama a one term president", but isn't this exactly what happens when you cut from the government?

Yesterday there was a good private sector jobs report adding over 170,000 jobs but this is diluted to only 80,000 over all. Does that mean we lost 90,000 public sector jobs? If so, this means the "job creators" are not doing their job? Was yesterdays report bogus? Is todays bogus? How do they actually count jobs?

I know things need to be better but it seems congress is getting exactly what they want and I haven't heard anything from a Republican which makes me feel things will be better if they do get the WH.

Do as I say. Not as I do.

Lets face it Obama will never be given credit for being the Commander in Chief.
If he doesn't wrap himself in the flag on D-Day day, then he isn't a patriot.
If he does celebrate the 4th then he is pretending and playing politics.
He kills Bin Laden and it was a "no brainer" and all he did was give an order.

Lets compare to "W".
He in 8 years he acknowledged D-Day only 2 times.
He made big issues of the 4th. You would have thought he signed the Declaration of Independence himself.
He kills 4000 American soliders but not Bin Laden.

It makes me want to scream.

We have 3 employment problems in the U.S.

1. Unemployment. No explanation needed.

2. Under employment. Many jobs are hiring people 30 hours or less so that they get no benefits at all. No insurance, no sick pay and no vacations.

3. Over employment. Some jobs are working people 60 hours a week to keep from hiring new employees. This has always been normal for some seasonal jobs because they have a feast or famine. But, now it is becoming the norm to keep from hiring more employees.

How to fix this? Change the labor laws. Place upper and lower limits on the hours employees can work except for certain circumstances.

Do current forecast models work with climate change?

I have noticed something for the last three summers. I realize forecasts are sometimes at best guesses, but for the third year I am noticing a trend. The long term forecasts predicts the high temperatures are close to average toward the end of the 7 or 10 day period but as it but the short range forecasts show temperatures above average and the actual temperature ends up being above average.

So my question is has climate change made the forecasting models useless?
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