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I am not an English Major. I do and will from time to time make grammatical and spelling errors. It would be appreciated if those errors are pointed out using DU mail, but if you must show your superior ability to use the English language by posting on the forum, do not be offended if I choose to point out your need to show that superiority on the public forum also.

Journal Archives

I may be wrong but I think today was the first time Mittens has spoken to a group

of people where there was more than 2 or 3 black people, unless of course they are serving the food?

I really can't remember one. I even googled "Romney event pictures" and think I saw one black person.

I am being serious. Is this a first?

If the facts don't back up your position, create your own.

I don't know if anyone else heard this but on Saturday or Sunday morning on UP with Chris Hayes, Stephen Moore from the Wall Street Journals Editorial Board was challenged as to his claim that lowering the taxes on the rich will grow the economy. Chris stopped Stephen and said study after study shows taxes on the rich and economic growth move in the same direction. Stephen's reply was he and someone else did a study which showed the opposite.

So WSJ, if you don't like all the studies which have been done, do your own to get the results you want then your study becomes the Bible.

This reminds me of the climate change fight. Hundreds of studies show climate change is real, so get a pseudo-scienctist to do a study which says it is a hoax and that study triumphs all others.

Romney: I didn't know I had those offshore accounts

Today Romney said because his investments are in a blind trust he didn't know he had the offshore accounts.
But, why did it take him several day to say that?
Why is there a video of him saying he didn't make even $1 more using those accounts. I thought you didn't know about them?
Now I have heard they are listed on the one and only tax return he has released.
Does this mean even he hasn't seen his tax returns?

Now I am just a dumb southerner, a "common person" you might want to call me. I realize despite a BS and I am half way through a MS I am not "well educated", I understand I "just don't understand" and I am not a "V.I.P.", I realize all of that, but here in the south I would say, "He is just telling a bold face lie".

Is it fair to judge Romney for the comments of his donators?

We are seeing how these people were paying $50,000 a plate and $75,000 per couple say things like "We are V.I.P." and "The common people don't' understand". I just heard a GOP talking head say that wasn't fair.

Well, first YES! It is because Romney showed during the primary he would do anything to win. So, if showing the vast separation between Romney and the 99%, it is completely fair.

So just what is the advantage of Swiss Bank Accounts?

I know some feel Mittens' tax returns will show something illegal, I don't think so. I am sure the IRS has reviewed them by now with a fine tooth comb. Plus, if you are going to do something illegal you don't report it on a government form, but as I was taught in college ethics, "Just because it is right doesn't mean it is legal and just because it is legal doesn't mean it is right." I think Mittens has followed the law and reported and paid every penny he was required to do. But, that doesn't mean he has done what was right.

Now I don't know much about Swiss Bank Accounts beyond what I have seen in the movies. It is a repeated theme that if you are "cooking the books", or want blackmail or ransom money you have it put in Swiss Bank Accounts. This puts it beyond the reach of the law. But that is the movies.

When someone asked in a town hall meeting about the offshore businesses and accounts he said he didn't save one dollar with them.

So just why have them then? Isn't it easier to use U.S. banks? Isn't it better to put the money in the U.S. economy? There has to be a reason he chose to use these banks as opposed to the U.S. banks. What is it?

I know the specifics would be just speculation, so I don't mean Mittens' advantage, but anyones advantage. Do I need to put my money in a Swiss Bank Account if they are so great?

I keep hearing the ACA discussed on the "news" daily

Some are starting to say people are either starting to like it or at least want to give it a try but I haven't see the actual polls. Has anyone seen any of the new polls, if there are any?

The Climate Change Paradox

Today the esteemed climatologist George Will put our fears to rest. There is no Climate Change or global warming, it is just summer. Thanks, George.

But, his need to show his ignorance aside, we do have another problem. We can't win this argument. No matter how hot it gets, until it is 101F in January (145F in July) in Washington D.C. most of the Republicans will not say it is real, and I really don't know if that would do it. Until we have pasted the point of no return they will not give in. Until we are seeing massive deaths and famine they will continue to say it is a hoax.

But, sadly that is still only half the problem. If we do manage to get real legislation world wide to stop destroying the planet and we succeed then they will say see it WAS a hoax.

So the only way we will ever be proven right will be too late. To actually save the planet will prove we were wrong. At least in the warped minds of George, Rush, Sean and the rest of the Republicans.

When someone is so determined to follow their beliefs in spite of the mounting evidence to the point of Global Suicide is truly insane.

Just saw a guy with a tattoo which I first thought was a Nazi swastika

but on a closer look it wasn't the Nazi "clock-wise" swastika, it was counter-clock-wise and it was rounded to a circular shape.
Has anyone seen one of these and do you know what it means?

Climate Change Question

I believe in the "hoax" I believe Climate Change is real AND caused by man.

When I get in arguments on this fact by those smarter than me who don't believe in the "hoax" they claim this is some diabolical plan.

Can someone explain to me this diabolical plan, I mean if I am going to believe in the "hoax" I wish I would at least know the reason behind the "hoax".

Seriously, I really don't understand why doubting climate change is ok to the Anti-Science Party, alright I do there are billions of reasons all $.

But, I don't see the monetary or power reasons they claim we Democratic have.

Can someone explain this to me?

For me saving the planet is reason enough.

Questions on Voter I.D.

If it isn't to lower the Democratic out turn then why not do it the day after the last election giving people over a year to get the ID? Why wait to 4 months before the next election?

If it isn't to lower the Democratic out turn then why not offer an easier way to get the ID? Why not allow various ways to prove who you are, I mean just what does a birth certificate really say? Wouldn't credit cards, utility bills, company IDs, student IDs, and signed testaments from friends be the same? With technology as it is today why not go to local city halls, libraries, police departments, fire stations, and maybe even malls to issue the IDs or for that matter go door to door for those who can't get to the "official" locations?

My state does have a voter ID law. I learned about it when I went to vote for the 2008 election. Because I mostly followed national news I had no clue and certainly did not get a letter telling me it was coming. If I would have not had an approved ID I would have been up the creek.

If you can insure no one entitled to vote, not one person, will be prevented from voting I can accept voter ID laws, but the states are not doing that. Not only are they not doing that they are using a process which is much harder for those who lean Democrat than Republican.

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